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COVID-19 Health & Safety

Kyle Ritland

October 2020

covid-19-1-freepikAs active members of our communities, and advocates for a healthier earth, we wanted to take minute to ensure our customers that we are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and we are  doing everything we can to best ensure the safety of our staff, customers and their families. With that said, we'd like to share the extensive steps we have taken to modify our business practices to maximize safety during this unprecedented time. 

In most circumstances, installing solar does not require entry into a home or business, and as a result, our installation crews spend their workdays outdoors with minimal customer contact. To further mitigate risk, our installation staff is subject to daily temperature checks, and all staff are required to wear masks when on the job site. In addition, crews are driving directly to the job site and returning home once their workday is complete, further reducing the opportunity for cross-contamination with office and warehouse staff. Finally, all crews are provided with the means to sanitize common work areas, including vehicles and equipment.

Our service teams are following a similar protocol. Since March 2020, SVSS service staff try to avoid entering customer homes or businesses. The vast majority of issues can be assessed from the exterior. We can also address many reported problems over the phone with digital monitoring tools. If a system cannot be assessed remotely or from the exterior, we will only enter a home or place of business with permission, and we will follow all CDC recommended social distancing guidelines, including wearing masks.

masked consultation

To further prevent cross-contamination, we have limited access to our Chandler headquarters to critical staff only. When at the office, everyone wears masks, adheres to social distancing guidelines, and sanitizes regularly. The majority of our office staff is working from home. Phones and emails work just fine, and all team members are observing regularly posted hours of operation.

Finally, if you are interested in exploring solar for your home or business, our solar integrators are still meeting with customers while practicing an abundance of caution in all interactions. We have all the virtual tools necessary to help you explore options, pricing, and answer any questions from the comfort of your home or office. We are only conducting face-to-face meetings if requested. We'll be happy to meet you on your front porch, parking lot, or another outdoor area. Our sales staff follows all CDC recommended social distancing guidelines, including wearing masks.

We believe these changes are the best offense for this resilient pandemic. Our objective is to provide as much peace-of-mind as possible while best ensuring the health of our staff, customers, and their families at this unprecedented time. Together we will win.