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Explore New Technologies with Sun Valley Solar CEO, Russ Patzer

Kyle Ritland

August 2018

Tesla Certified Installer_linkedincrop-1With the advancement of new technologies, such as batteries and smart energy management systems, energy-conscious customers are discovering many new ways to save by looking beyond solar panels alone. Utilities are also recognizing the potential for these new technologies to help optimize grid performance and are introducing new rate plans that incentivize customers to look beyond just solar panels for a chance at even greater savings. While all this new technology can be a bit intimidating, the potential for incremental savings and a cleaner energy footprint is without question.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions' founder and CEO, Russ Patzer, recently took us on a video tour of his own home to show off some of the latest solutions he has deployed to get one step closer to genuine energy independence. From demand managers and more efficient appliances, to stopping heat from getting into the house in the first place, watch Russ explain how he achieves $50 summer bills with solar and some of the most advanced green energy technology available today. 


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