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4 Ways Fall is a Great Time to Go Solar in Arizona

Shannon Higgins

September 2018

Fall Cactus ImageWhile Phoenix doesn’t experience the picturesque fall that many other cities have with the changing leaves and chilly sweater weather, we do have something that still gets us excited about the autumnal change: lower electric bills!

Since this cooling off period is long-awaited and celebrated, it’s easy to push going solar to the back of your mind. As the weather cools, the financial relief that solar provides is less urgent, so you put it off another year, only to absorb those costly summer bills once again when the thermometer inevitably starts to rise. In truth, fall and winter are actually the best times of year to go solar here in Arizona.

Sound counterintuitive? Let’s break it down. Below are four ways making the switch to solar in the fall will maximize your financial return while also easing the installation process from start to finish.

1. Maximize and bank your excess energy

When you push back more energy to the grid than you consume, you have the potential to earn energy credits that can help offset your high-usage months during the summer. If your utility district supports net-metering or similar energy buyback programs, you’ll receive a significantly faster financial return by installing solar during the cooler months when you are more likely to produce more energy than you use. Selling that excess energy back to the utility when it’s cooler outside, will ensure that you’ll have credits available to help offset your highest bills during the summer.

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2. Shorter installation timelines

The process of designing and installing a solar energy system can take a bit of time. Once you decide to go solar, it can take weeks to design an optimized system for your home, secure financing, acquire permits, and complete the installation and activation with your local utility. Getting it done now ensures that you’re up and running to start saving your excess energy credits to use when the temperature starts to rise.

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3. Time to make the right decision

When you start your solar journey in the fall, you don’t have high electric bills pushing you to make a quick decision. This can benefit you extremely well as you have ample time to make the best decision for you and your family. Since picking a solar partner begins a relationship that can last for decades, giving yourself plenty of time to make the best choice is imperative. Look at all of your options, check review sites like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, and make a confident decision on which company will help you best achieve your energy goals.

4. Lock in your tax incentives

There are currently lucrative federal and state tax incentives for solar that can offset more than 30% of your purchase in the form of a tax credit. To qualify for the 30% solar investment tax credit and/or the $1,000 Arizona solar tax credit, your system must be fully installed and commissioned by your local power utility by the end of the tax year you wish to file for. Going solar in the fall ensures your system is up and running to qualify for these incentives, helping to maximize the return on your solar energy investment.

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