Okay, Can We Just Brag a Little?

Kyle Ritland

May 2018

TJX Play Button-4I know, it's not really our style. We honestly try to keep this blog informative and educational, but when you work with some of the best talent in the solar industry, it's really hard not to shine a light on your colleagues' achievements from time to time. 

With that said, we're proud to report that in addition to being one of the top residential solar installers in Arizona, we've also once again topped the commercial list for 2017. And when you think about what our commercial division is able to accomplish for clients like Pepsi, Target, TJ Maxx and many other national brands, you can be confident we'll bring the same skill and expertise to your residential solar project.

We installed nearly 17 megawatts of clean solar energy for businesses in 2017 alone, including 10 different locations for retail giant Target, as well as installations for TJ Maxx and Radius Apartments. In years prior, we've helped utilities, like Electric District 2, numerous municipal facilities for Coconino County, and even the Pepsi / Gatorade packaging facility with their clean energy initiatives. And of course, we've also helped many thousands of families with their switch to clean energy, totaling nearly 9 megawatts of solar installed in local neighborhoods just last year.

We're proud to contribute to this growing solar capacity and to help both companies and families on their mission to unplug from the utility monopoly for a greener future. Take a look at some of our favorite installations, both residential and commercial, in the video below and see how solar can help you achieve your energy and environmental goals.



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