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September Marks 3 Critical Solar Deadlines

Kyle Ritland

September 2020

Close Up - Kenyon-1Since the beginning of the solar revolution, lucrative incentive programs have been there to help early adopters significantly improve their solar investment ROI. But as the solar industry matures, many of these compelling incentives are shrinking or aging out entirely. In fact, September 2020 marks three important deadlines for solar in Arizona.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about exploring solar for your home or business, here are three compelling reasons to stop waiting.


The APS Buyback Rate Is Dropping

Every year, APS sets a new buyback rate for any excess solar energy sent back to the grid. Known as the “export rate,” this credit is currently set 10.45 cents per kWh. Since 2017, the Arizona Corporate Commission has approved a 10% annual reduction for new, non-contracted solar customers. Originally planned for September, the 2020 export rate vote is now on the schedule for October. The good news is that you can lock the current rate for 10-years by securing a solar contract with APS before the next vote. To have the best chance at receiving APS approval in time, SVSS recommends that your reservation be submitted no later than September 25 *.

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Lock In The 26% Federal Tax Credit 

The current 26% federal solar tax credit will drop to 22% after this year. With the 26% deadline right around the corner, installation schedules are filling up quickly, and many cities are experiencing long turn-around times for solar permit approvals. To have the best chance at a 2020 installation - which will ensure access to the current 26% tax credit -  Sun Valley Solar Solutions suggests that customers complete their SVSS construction agreement no later than September 21*. After 9/21, we still may be able to get your job completed by year-end, but with permit backlogs certain to get much longer in some areas, the chances get a lot murkier as the year progresses.  


Our 6 Months On Us Promotion Ends Soon

Through the end of September, customers who purchase one of our pre-engineered systems are eligible to receive a post-commissioning rebate equal to six months’ worth of solar energy system payments. Rebate checks are valued from $480 to $1,140, depending on system size and configuration. Imagine getting free solar energy for six months!

Any one of these programs offers ample reason to consider making a solar investment today. Together they make a very compelling case for September 2020 specifically. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. The October landscape may just look very different, and that’s right around the corner.

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*Any recommended dates for contract submissions cited by SVSS are offered as best chance for success, rather than a guarantee. SVSS has limited visibility and knowledge of turn-around times and backlogs at local AHJs, Utilities and other authorities that are out of our control. The recommended dates above are based on previous experience and our best knowledge of current backlogs and approval timeframes.