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Online Solar Estimator Makes Rosie on the House Debut

Shannon Higgins

June 2020

Earlier this month, Sun Valley Solar's own Kyle Ritland joined Rosie on the House for a podcast covering all things solar in Arizona, including the debut of the new online Solar Estimator to for our recently-launched solar packages.

Want to find out which pre-engineered system is right for you? Just input your average bill and address, and the estimator will deliver a cost and savings analysis just for you.  Click here to listen to the full podcast, or skip to the button below to try out our new tool for yourself. 

Laptop with Calculator

If you have questions about a topic covered in the podcast, or another aspect relating to solar, you invite you to download our complimentary whitepaper, "Is Solar Right for You?". If you're already interested in going solar and would like to design your own system, click here to use our Solar Estimator.Design My System