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[Video] Quick Guide to Turning Your Solar Energy System On and Off

Kyle Ritland

March 2018

Solar Video Blog Image.pngOne of the most common questions we receive from solar customers, or customers who are considering adding solar to their home, is “How do I turn the system on or off?” Sometimes the question is framed more broadly with phrases similar to, “Is the system easy to operate?" or "How often do I need to mess with it?”

The truth is that a properly designed solar energy system requires minimal work and involvement, so long as you keep it clear of debris or critters who might want to make a home in the shady spaces between your roof and panels. Other than that, it’s mostly occasional cleanings, and keeping an eye on your inverter’s monitoring software to ensure that all the components are operating as intended.

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With that said, there are occasions when it’s necessary to turn your solar energy system off for a short period of time. This is actually a pretty simple task, but can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. To help take the mystery out of this process, we’ve put together two simple “how to” videos showing how to turn on and turn off your residential solar system.

Turning On Your System


Turning Off Your System



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