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Sun Valley Solar Solutions brings Solar Back to SRP

Kyle Ritland

March 2016

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is pleased to announce a new system that fully optimizes SRP’s new solar rate plan, and allows customers to once again realize considerable savings when going solar in SRP territory. 

Demand_Manager_PR_Video_Link.jpgThe rates rolled out by SRP last year include new demand fees for solar customers when their energy consumption exceeds their solar production during on-peak hours,” explains Russ Patzer, CEO of Sun Valley Solar Solutions. “Because these new charges are based on possible energy ‘peaks’ from future usage, it’s difficult for solar providers like us toaccurately calculate a clear ROI with traditional solar.”

Patzer continued, “Our new solution relies on a proven demand management system that works in conjunction with rooftop solar to help homeowners better control SRP’s new demand fees and avoid the additional charges.”

At the core of Sun Valley Solar Solutions’ new offering is a demand manager module that uses sophisticated software to monitor a home’s energy use during SRP’s on-peak hours of 1 pm to 8 pm weekdays in the summer, and 5 to 9 weekday mornings and evenings during the winter. When activated, the demand manager stabilizes a home’s overall energy consumption for better alignment with solar production during those critical timeframes. This helps smooth out energy peaks that can result in costly demand fees.

Jennifer Holtzman of Gilbert was one of the first to install Sun Valley Solar’s new smart solar system for SRP customers.

I had a very clear energy goal in mind, and so far the system is delivering exactly as promised,” stated Holtzman. “I’ve received two bills since installation. Both were more than 50% lower than the previous year. I’m so pleased that I’m already looking to expand the system to accommodate a new pool and additional outdoor living space.”

Since late last year, Sun Valley Solar Solutions has installed more than a dozen smart solar systems with demand management throughout SRP territory. Positive results have been reported from all locations.

We’re back in the business of helping SRP customers save money, and that’s the best part,” concluded Patzer. “We’re confident in the tools we now have to make good on that promise, and we’re ready to work with any SRP homeowner who thought solar was no longer a viable option for them.”

Watch the video and learn more about smart solar with demand management.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact Kyle Ritland at (480) 689-5027 or kyle.ritland@svssolutions.com.