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Watch and Learn

They say that pictures speak louder than words. Explore our video library to learn about the latest clean energy technologies, and how businesses and homeowners alike are going solar to save money and build a more sustainable future.



Turbo Resources' Customized Solar Array

Turbo Resources designed their solar energy system in the shape of their iconic logo.


Chapman Chevrolet's Solar Carports

These 10 SunPower solar canopies will offset more than 452,000 kWh of electricity annually.


Carol Spring's Solar Energy System

With its 63.84kW REC solar system, Carol Springs is locked into predictable and affordable energy costs for years to come.


Voya Financial Inc. Goes Solar

Voya's 350kW SunPower system is expected to provide more than 663,600 kWh of clean, renewable electricity in its first year.


Mesa Market Goes Solar

With their two solar shade structures, Mesa Market will save $13,000 annually.


Inner Space Mini Storage

By going solar, Inner Space Mini Storage is predicted to offset 72% of their annual electric bill.


Sub Zero Group, Inc. Goes Solar

With a 3.94 MW SunPower system, they are predicted to offset more than 205 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.


Indo American Cultural and Religious Foundation of Arizona

Sun Valley Solar Solutions designed and installed a 77.17 kilowatt solar system for Indo American.


El Rancho Goes Solar With Sun Valley Solar

Solar was a no-brainer for El Rancho, an affordable housing provider, to secure cheap and predictable energy bills.


Emerald Glen Installs a 42.84kW Solar Energy System

As part of the building's construction plan, solar will help Emerald Glen reduce their electricity bill by over 40%.


Plexus World Headquarters

A 454,000 kW system for leading Scottsdale-based health and wellness company.


Marc Community Resources, Inc. in Mesa, AZ Goes Solar

350 kW system delivers as much as 65% of the facility's annual energy requirements.


Du Brook Dairy Saves Cuts 50% of Energy Usage Through Solar

Arizona dairy goes solar and projects as much as 50% reduction in enegy costs over the next 20 years.


The Best In Commercial Solar

Find out why companies like PepsiCo, Plexus Worldwide, Coconino County and Electric District 2 choose SVSS.


Electric Disctrict 2

Electric utility adds tracking solar array for enough clean energy to power 300 homes for 30-40 years.


Coconino County

Full campus system includes more than 1000 solar panels on rooftops, as well as custom solar parking shades.


Sacred Heart Parish and School

Prescott, Arizona church turns covered parking into progressive environmental leadership.



Paradise Family Goes Solar

They are projected to save nearly $3,600 annually.


Why Sun Valley Solar

See why we're solar's most qualified!


Full Solar Installation

From racking to panels, check out the residential solar installation process.


Solar Thrives in Arizona

Both federal and local incentives have made it better than ever to turn sunshine into savings.


Arizona's Battery Incentives

Short term battery incentives are making energy storage a more affordable reality.


Our Favorite Installations

From commercial to residential, check out some of our top solar installations we've had over the years.


Sun Valley Solar on Home Hunter

Learn how solar is alive and well in our great and sunny state with us on Home Hunter.


Discover New Technologies with Our CEO, Russ Patzer

Russ invites you into his home to show you how these technologies can help you unlock big savings.


JB Saves Thousands with Innovative SRP Solution

Discover how solar with a demand manager helps JB save thousands on his electric bill.


How To Turn On Your Solar Energy System

Turning on your solar energy system is pretty easy, but a lot of people don't know how to do it.


How To Turn Off Your Solar Energy System

Join Bobby as he explains the easy steps to turn off a solar energy system.


Demand Management 101

Learn how Sun Valley Solar's innovative solution unlocks big savings under SRP's E27 demand plan.


Electric Bill Savings

Sun Valley customers, Spencer and Valerie, open their first post-solar summer bill.


Sun Valley Solar Customer Service

Doing it right the first time, and every time. A customer's perspective on the SVSS difference.


Sun Valley Best Installation Practices

We have the most skilled installers in the business. Find out why SVSS systems outlast the competition.

Products & Technology


How to Turn Your SolarEdge System On & Off

Turning your SolarEdge system on and off can help resolve minor issues.


Demand Manager How-To

Learn how to use a demand manager to save even more on your electric bills.


Tile Replacement & The 3-Course Plus Sealing Process

Our Quick Mount Tile Replacement process ensures multiple layers of weather protection for tile roofs. 


SunPower Loading Resistance

SunPower's panel durability is virtually unmatched. Find out how they do it.


Solar Shade Protection

From shade to full sun, SunPower's Maxeon technology ensures optimal panel performance.


SunPower Temperature Reliability

With thirteen times the industry standard for temperature testing, SunPower goes the extra mile with Maxeon Cell Technology™.

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