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Amicus Solar Cooperative

National Resource | Local Expertise

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is a Proud Member of the

Amicus Solar Cooperative

The Amicus Solar Cooperative was founded in 2011 when a group of North America's most awarded solar companies decided to pool their resources to deliver higher customer service. In short, Amicus is a network of like-minded, "customer first" solar experts that combine the purchasing power of a national brand with all the local expertise essential to maximizing system performance and longevity, regardless of climate, local utility rates, and incentive programs. We share best practices, technology, project financing resources, and a nationwide operations and maintenance (O&M) cooperative that is a trusted resource for many of the world's most respected companies. When you choosee to work with an Amicus team, you feel confident knowing you'll get the most competitive pricing backed by the solar industry's most qualified and trusted professionals. You can read more about Amicus Solar Cooperative.