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Minimize Charger Times with a Level 2 Charger

Most new EVs and HEVs come equipped with basic charging equipment. Just plug the supplied charging cord into a standard 120-volt outlet and you’ll see charging rates up to 1.92 kW, or approximately 4 miles for every hour. Many people find this charge rate too slow and decide to upgrade to a level 2 charger.

If you're looking to dramatically speed up your EV charge times, we can help. We give our car charger installations the same attention to detail as our solar installs. We can even help you select a charger, or install a charger you've already purchased. Click here to fill out our car charger quote form. 

Our Easy Process

Maybe you have a 220-volt outlet already located where you want to place your charger. Or, maybe you need to run a whole new line directly to your breaker box. Whatever your requirements, our staff will evaluate your home and provide a detailed quote to accomplish your goals efficiently and safely. 

1. Site Visit: Since every home and car is different, we send one of our experts to evaluate your property and existing electrical infrastructure. 

2.  Estimate: Our site evaluator will provide a detailed estimate outlining all necessary equipment and labor costs. 

3. Purchase The Charger: Sun Valley Solar Solutions offers several level 2 charger options to suit various needs. We can also make recommendations based on your home and EV, or you can simply buy your own. 

4. Schedule and Install: Our final step is scheduling an installation date and getting your new car charger ready for you to use.


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