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When your solar system is down or not operating efficiently, we understand the importance of getting it running again. Time is money when it comes to solar production, after all. That's why we put together this Customer Support page as a quick resource for troubleshooting your solar equipment at home.

Below, you'll find answers to common questions, videos about turning your system on and off, and blogs about common solar service topics. We hope the information below will be useful for you over the life of your solar array.

If you still have a question or an issue with your system, please don't hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below or calling us at 480-689-5050. Our services list is below, and we'd be happy to help.

  • General maintenance
  • Remove/re-install system
  • Monitoring packages
  • Wildlife guards
  • Panel cleaning
  • Car charging stations
  • Battery installation & service

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance for a solar energy system can be thought about in a similar way as regular maintenance on your car. Ensuring all the parts are working properly will help avoid costly repairs down the road. With solar, preventative maintenance encompasses regular panel cleanings, diagnostic tests, monitoring packages, and more.

Solar Service FAQs

If you need help with your solar energy system, look at some of the most common questions our service team receives. You can find the resolution to your problem quickly below. If you need more support for your issue, please contact us by filling out the form below or call our Service Department at 480-689-5050.

How-To Videos

From turning your residential energy system on and off to adjusting your demand manager, our helpful how-to videos below can help.


Turning Your System On

Turning your solar energy system on is a fairly simple task. Watch Bobby as he goes through the process.


Turning Your System On

Turning your Solar Edge on is a fairly simple task. Watch as we go through the process.


How Demand Management Works

With demand-based rate plans available in both SRP and APS, the savings potential with solar has never been greater.


Demand Manager How-To

Learn how to use a demand manager to save even more money on your monthly electric bills. 

Popular Service Blogs

Our blog is another great resource to find answers to popular questions about going solar and the service needed afterwards. Take a look at our most popular service blogs below for additional information.

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4 Questions to Ask Your Solar Service Provider

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5 Tips to Understand Solar Warranties


How to Choose the Right Energy Plan

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