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Honed Through Experience. Forged In Platinum.

Over 10,000 Residential Systems Across Arizona

Through an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we have earned the trust of more than 8,000 Arizona homeowners and corporate giants such as PepsiCo, Sub-Zero, and even SRP. Nowhere are these commitments more apparent than in our Platinum Installation methodology, which offers dramatic performance, longevity, and safety improvements. Our Platinum Installations incorporate six critical areas of focus.

We design it, build it, and service it. No outsourcing

Any residential solar project that bears the Sun Valley Solar Solutions brand will be completed entirely by us. From your first inquiry, through installation and service, we control every critical step to deliver the industry's longest-lasting, highest-performing PV systems.

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We Use Conduit Suitable for Arizona's Extreme Climate

Wires that run through attics, walls, and into the outdoor elements without the proper protective conduit will wear prematurely, adversely impacting system performance and placing your home at risk of fire. Plastic and PVC are particularly susceptible to extreme Arizona heat.
Sun Valley Solar Solutions' Platinum Installations rely on metal conduit for maximum safety and longevity. We even take the extra step to paint conduit to match the exterior or interior walls.

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Platinum installations place all wire runs into metal (not plastic) conduit for maximum safety and longevity.

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We even take the extra step to paint conduit to match the interior or exterior walls.

Robust Wire Management From Beginning To End

The Safest and Most Durable Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are critical live voltage connection points where a lot can go wrong if improperly assembled. The junction boxes from Sun Valley Solar Solutions include a terminal block to improve durability and serviceability. Wires are tightly bundled to reduce wear.

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Lasting and Safe Wire Termination

Poorly terminated wire ends will fray or loosen over time and with exposure to extreme temperatures. Frayed ends can impede solar production and even present a fire hazard. Sun Valley Solar Solutions' Platinum Installations uses metal ferrules to terminate each wire end and prevent fraying.

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We Go The Extra Mile For Roof Integrity

The industry's best solar installers rely on a proven sealing procedure known as the 3-Course method. Sun Valley Solar Solutions' Platinum Installations takes this process further by applying an additional sealant under the baseplate. Please think of this as the 3-Course Plus procedure, and we back our approach with a 10-Year Workmanship Warranty!


  1. Sealant is applied under the base plate for additional weather protection.
  2. The base plate is secured directly to the roof and underlying truss.
  3. The first layer of elastomeric is applied on and around the base plate.
  4. Mesh is embedded to prevent cracking and premature wear while adding additional weather resistance.
  5. The barrel is slid into the base plate channel, and the tile is replaced next to the stand-off.
  6. Top flashing is installed over the barrel. The barrel is tightened and locked into place.

We Care About Aesthetics, Just Like You

All-Black Panel and Racking Options

Your PV system can look as good as it performs. Today, not all panels look the same. All-black panel and racking options from SunPower or SilFab offer a sleek, glass-like alternative to more traditional panels.

Invisible Tile Replacement Systems

The ultra-secure and virtually invisible tile replacement mounting system ensures the integrity of your roof while blending seamlessly with surrounding tiles. The base plate is a bottom flashing and standoff mount, mounted using our modified 3-Course Plus method. The metal tile replacement matches the physical profile of existing roof tiles and is painted to match the roof color.

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We Bring Solar's Top Certifications & Experience to Every Project

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  • NABCEP Certified
  • RISE CSRP Certified Solar Roofing Professional
  • Certified Envelope Professional, Building Performance Institute
  • CHST Certified
  • SRP Preferred Solar Installer
  • SunPower Authorized Dealer
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer
  • Arizona ROC 270331
  • Nevada 0082022
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  • Founded in 2006 by two former Intel engineers
  • Full in-house operation - sales, design, installation, and service
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • 10-year roof penetration warranty
  • More than 8,000 residential solar installations and counting
  • Trusted solar partner for PepsiCo, Sub-Zero Group, Voya Financial, and many more
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  • Six-time Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • Accredited and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Rosie on the House Certified Partner
  • Five-star customer satisfaction at
  • #1 Residential Solar Installer, Ranking Arizona
  • 4.7 Customer Rating on Google

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