Commercial Solar Removal & Reinstallation

Protect Your Business's Solar Investment in Arizona

Tailored Commercial Solar Solutions by Sun Valley Solar

In the dynamic span of 20+ years, commercial solar panels might require expert removal and reinstallation. Handling solar panels demands specialized care, Whether for roof maintenance, upgrading systems, or relocating to a new commercial property.


Precision and Reliability with Sun Valley Solar Solutions

At Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we understand the intricacies of commercial solar systems. Our removal and reinstallation services are as meticulous as our initial installations. We employ precise safety measures to protect your investment and guarantee continued system performance. When you choose us, rest assured that your commercial solar panels are managed by industry experts.

Comprehensive Roof and Solar Services for Businesses

Streamlined Process, Maximized Efficiency

In partnership with Azul Roofing Solutions, we provide a unified service for your commercial roofing and solar needs. This collaboration in Chandler, Arizona, allows us to offer a seamless, efficient service experience. Opt for our combined expertise to enjoy a simplified process with coordinated scheduling and consistent communication.


Our Detailed Approach to Commercial Solar Services

Commercial solar systems require careful handling to maintain their integrity. Our process ensures safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption to your business operations: 

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1. Initial Commercial Assessment

We'll start with a thorough site visit to understand your commercial solar system's specifics, and we plan a tailored removal strategy.

2. Coordinated Removal Schedule

Collaboration with your team is key. We coordinate removal times that align with your business schedule and other contractors involved.

3. Secure Panel Storage

After removal, your panels are safely stored at your location, ensuring they remain intact and protected.

4. Reinstallation at Your Convenience

We plan the reinstallation as soon as possible to suit your business needs.

5. Quality Assurance Post-Reinstallation

Expect your commercial solar system to be reinstalled to the highest standards, complete with new hardware and a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Our final inspection confirms everything is operational and up to our high standards. 

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