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    Commercial Solar Carports 


    Single Cantilever

    A single incline cantilever employs agile industrial design techniques to increase production yield and lower material and installation costs, maximizing your return on investment. Designed for parking arrays of one row.


    Double Cantilever

    A double incline cantilever otherwise known as a ‘T’ structure, can be with either straight or tapered beams. Designed for parking arrays of two rows.



    A garage top canopy installs efficiently on both new and existing parking garages, scaling to match your unique structure while maintaining the ideal southern exposure—regardless of garage orientation.


    Long Span

    A long span canopy brings the flexibility of our garage top solution to ground lots. Each structure covers two parallel parking rows and an internal drive aisle using a single contiguous PV-covered canopy, maximizing energy production.



     A y-shaped double incline cantilever provides high energy production, while safely directing snow and ice to the center of the structure—away from people. It also features a standard 13’ 6” minimum drive aisle clearance for open views and vehicle access


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