Solar Carports

Turbo Charge Your Solar Investment

Solar Carports & Canopies for Your Organization

Solar carports, sometimes called solar canopies, are a great way to provide shade to your employees and visitors while powering your organization with Arizona's most abundant natural resource. With over 17 years of experience, Sun Valley Solar Solutions is one of Arizona's top solar carport and canopy installation companies. We've helped countless companies lock in decades of savings with a shady alternative to rooftop solar, including Chapman Automotive, Voya Financial, Plexus Worldwide, Coconino County, and Marc Center Community Resources, to name a few. If you're interested in turbo-charging your solar investment while providing summertime relief to your customers and employees, contact us to learn more about the solar carport options available to your organization.

Benefits of Solar Carports in Arizona

Solar carports in Arizona offer numerous benefits, sometimes even more than a traditional rooftop solar array. Below are some of the most popular advantages of installing a solar carport or canopy.

  • Turn your parking lot into a money-saving asset
  • Provide coveted shade to your employees and visitors alike
  • Lock-in predictable energy costs for decades to come
  • Exemplifies your company’s commitment to sustainability

Types of Solar Carports

There are five main types of solar carports, each differing in build cost and tilt angle. During your commercial consultation, Sun Valley Solar Solutions will review the best option for your company to capture the most sunlight on top while maximizing the shade underneath.

Group 455


A garage top canopy can generally be incorporated into new or existing garage structures, depending on unique facility factors. In many cases, a garage canopy can be oriented for maximum sunlight capture regardless of structure orientation.


Single Cantilever

A single cantilever combines efficient energy production with lower build costs. Generally, this approach provides shade cover for a single parking row.


Double Cantilever

A double incline cantilever generally provides shade for two parking rows. The tilt can be easily optimized for maximum sunlight capture.


Long Span

Each structure features a single contiguous PV-covered canopy, maximizing energy production while providing shade for multiple parking rows.



A Y-shaped cantilever provides high-energy production while directing water runoff to the center of the structure.

Our Solar Carport Projects

We can develop a customized solar carport solution for your organization regardless of your energy goals or the area available in your parking lot. Check out some of our previous installations below.

Why Choose Sun Valley for Your Solar Carports

With over 17 years in the commercial solar industry, we have the knowledge and skill to design and install customized solar carports optimized to capture the maximum amount of solar energy. Our involvement doesn’t stop after installation, however. Our fully in-house commercial O&M team will be around for the length of your solar investment to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency.

Please reach out to us today to start your commercial solar carport project.