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    Commercial Solar Carports 


    Single Cantilever

    A single incline Cantilever combines efficient energy production with lower build costs. Generally this approach provide shade cover for a single parking row.



    Double Cantilever

    A double incline cantilever is generally used to provide shade for two parking rows. The tilt can be easily optimized for maximum sunlight capture. 




    A garage top canopy can generally be incorporated into new or existing garage structures, depending on unique facility factors. In many cases, a garage canopy can be oriented for maximum sunlight capture regardless of structure orientation. 



    Long Span

    Each structure features a single contiguous PV-covered canopy, maximizing energy production while providing shade for multiple parking rows 




    A Y-shaped cantilever provides high-energy production while directing water runoff to the center of the structure.




    Solar Carport Installations

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