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Modern solar panels are designed to operate at peak efficiency for decades, but a lot can happen in 20+ years. Sometimes, homeowner’s find it necessary to have their solar panels removed and reinstalled. Maybe your roof requires a minor repair, or you’re moving and want to take your panels to your new home.

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Whatever your reasons, removing and reinstalling solar panels is delicate. To avoid breakage or incorrect re-installations that can negatively impact system performance or cause a fire hazard, it's always best to have a qualified solar installer manage the job.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions's solar panel removal jobs are as outstanding as our original installations. We follow strict safety procedures to protect your investment and ensure system performance. Regardless of whether we installed your solar system originally when you chose us, you can be confident that your panels are in good hands.

Need Roof Work and panels Removed?

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As sister companies, Azul Roofing Solutions and Sun Valley Solar Solutions share a warehouse in Chandler, Arizona. We frequently collaborate to offer additional benefits to each other's clients. While we are happy to work with any roofer, when you work with Azul and Sun Valley Solar, you'll experience a more streamlined removal and reinstallation process by having one contact for both companies. 


Our Solar Removal and Reinstallation Process

Solar arrays contain delicate circuits and hundreds of electrical connections that can be easily damaged if handled improperly. Panels must be stored safely when they’re not on your roof to avoid damage. Sun Valley Solar Solutions handles all of these technical aspects for you. Our process is extremely thorough and designed to protect your property and panels while ensuring that your system works exactly as designed or better when switching it back on. 

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1. Pre-Removal Site Visit

Most of our removal and reinstallation jobs start with a comprehensive site visit. Our designers will use this information to create a complete site plan for your solar removal. This plan will be shared with you before the project is finished and will be a road map for our crews throughout the project.

2. Removal Scheduling

Our service department will work directly with you and your roofer (if applicable) to coordinate all removal and reinstallation dates.

3. Storage

Once we have removed all panels and racking, we will safely bundle your panels and store them at your property in a pre-determined safe location.

4. Installation Scheduling

Our service department will be able to coordinate the earliest installation date that best aligns with your schedule. 

5. Reinstallation and Final Inspection

Your solar energy system will be reinstalled with clean panels, new hardware, including racking and standoffs, and a 2-year artistry warranty. We will conduct a final onsite quality audit to conclude our installation process to ensure the system works properly. 

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