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Experiencing issues with your solar energy system?

Our fully-staffed, in-house service department is a critical part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, and one of the major resources that separate us from competitors who opt to outsource service to third parties. If you're experiencing a problem, call our service team directly at 480-689-5050 or click here to fill out the form below and we'll be in touch by the next business day.

Services We Offer

When properly installed and maintained, modern solar panels are designed to operate for decades.  Our trained service team has the experience and training to keep your system fully operational—safely and efficiently—for many years to come. Looking to add on or move your panels to a new home? We can handle that too.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

Are you moving and want to bring your panels with you? Did a recent storm push your roof past its breaking point?
Even if your system wasn’t originally installed by us, our technicians will remove and reinstall the system quickly, while ensuring that all electrical connections are safe and functioning as intended. Don’t risk panel damage, shorts, or reduced system performance by tackling this yourself. 

Learn About Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Solar Monitoring Packages

Most modern solar inverters offer the option for remote monitoring. This features is generally activated at time of installation with access provided to the home owner. Sun Valley Solar Solutions also offers an optional active monitoring service for a small annual fee. Upon activation, our team supervises your solar operation to ensure peak efficiency. This service can be added at any time.

Car Charging Stations

Solar and electric cars are the perfect combination. Think about it, you could be driving on sunshine! Whether you have solar or not, our technicians can install almost any rapid vehicle charger. Select the one that best suits your needs and contact us for a customized installation estimate. 

Learn More About Car Charging



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