5 Ways the SunPower 370 Panel is an Absolute Game Changer

Sabrina Lopez
November 26, 2018
2 min read

Earlier this summer, SunPower unveiled their highest efficiency residential solar panel. At 370 watts and an amazing 22.7 percent efficiency, the SunPower 370 panel is now available in Arizona at a special introductory price exclusively through Sun Valley Solar Solutions. 

But why should you care? Regarding solar panels, efficiency, output, and longevity are the “holy trinity” of performance factors. These benchmarks separate the bargain panels available from virtually any installer, with a marginally functional pickup truck from the elite panel models reserved only for the most qualified integrators to install.  

In short, when output and efficiency are prioritized, you’ll buy fewer panels to achieve maximum energy capture. With that said, let’s take a quick look at how the new SunPower 370 is re-establishing design, performance, and value benchmarks.

1. Maximize roof space

Imagine installing panels on your roof's south or west side, which usually gets the most sunlight here in Arizona. SunPower's 370-watt panels produce more than 60 percent more power in the same amount of roof space over 25 years than you would with more conventional panels. That extra power means less electricity purchased from the utility, greater monthly savings, and more excess energy to sell back to your electric utility during cooler seasons.


Sunpower 1

2. Same power, fewer panels

Let’s say that your solar integrator has determined that a 5.5kW system is ideal for your home. A certain number of panels will be required to build that system, with the quantity based on the specific panel model’s production capabilities. If you're limited by roof space or orientation, you'll want to choose the panel with the highest efficiency and greatest output for its size. With SunPower's 370-watt panels, you'd only need 15 panels to achieve 5.5kW output versus 22 conventional panels.

3. Avoid shade and other trouble areas

If you have trees that partially block your roof and you don’t wish to see them cut down, a higher efficiency panel will help you maximize your sunny areas while avoiding the need to expose the shady spots. Remember, more power, less space.

4. Because aesthetics matter

SunPower’s X-Series are generally considered the most attractive solar panels available. Offered in SunPower® Signature™ Black and designed to blend harmoniously into your roof, X-Series uses all-black solar cells, black frames, and anti-reflective glass to reduce glare while improving curb appeal.

5. Built like a tank means production for decades

SunPower panels are constructed using a solid copper foundation, which enables exceptional durability for our harsh Sonoran summers and minimal degradation over a decades-long lifespan. SunPower backs its technology with an industry-leading power and product warranty for 25 years.

If you’ve been thinking about switching to solar, now is a great time to make the switch! We invite you to contact one of our solar experts for a custom solar quote. If you aren't ready for a quote,  download our complimentary whitepaper: Is Solar Right for You?