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APS Time-of-Use Update: What You Should Know

Shannon Higgins

May 2022

browning_tile installIn April 2022, APS announced an update to their time-of-use rate plans on-peak hours. Right now, on-peak hours are weekdays from 3-8 pm. Under the APS update beginning in May, the new hours will be weekdays from 4-7 pm - that's a two hour reduction every day. But what does this mean for solar customers, and is there anything they need to do in order to ensure that their systems continue operating at peak efficiency? Let's explore this question further. 

If you're an APS solar customer, you might've already received communication about this update. It can be stressful to hear that your on-peak hours are changing when your system is configured for another set of hours, and confusing to know what you need to do to prepare. So don't panic, because there is plenty of good news to be had with this update. Read on and we'll try to clarify some of the details.  If you still have questions after reading this blog, please don't hesitate to contact us here.


The On-Peak Window is Smaller

The best news is that the on-peak window is getting smaller, not larger. If you're an APS solar customer already on a time-of-use plan, your system will still work just fine as it's currently configured since the new, smaller on-peak window falls within the existing 3-8 pm timeframe.

Yes, battery and demand managers will need to be updated eventually. Still, we strongly recommend not taking any action until you receive confirmation from APS that your meter is now running on the new 4-7 pm timeframe. And don't worry if your system isn't updated right away after the switch because the new shorter on-peak window is smaller, and falls within the timeframe programmed when your system was originally configured.


Updates will Happen from May through July/August

APS plans to roll out the new 4-7 pm on-peak window beginning May 1st, 2022, lasting through late July/early August. At this time, APS has not specified which customers will be updated first. Once your system is updated, you should receive a notice from APS that you are now operating on the new time-of-use plan. You can then update your battery or demand manager settings if your system requires a manual update.

Remember, even if your system isn't updated right away, your current programming is already inclusive of the new on-peak window. Certain batteries and demand managers will be updated automatically; others will require you to adjust the programming manually. See the last section below to find your manufacturer.


Don't Update Your System Before Your Plan Has Changed

The best thing to do right now is to wait. Since the on-peak window is smaller, you do not want to update your system's configuration before you're on the new plan. This could result in a delayed battery discharge to offset on-peak hours or your demand manager kicking on an hour late and shutting off an hour early. This would mean a higher energy bill from updating your system too soon.

Please rest assured that your system will still operate properly even on the new 4-7 pm time-of-use plan. For now, just sit back until you receive confirmation that you're on the updated on-peak hours.


Some Updates will be Automatic, Others are Manual

Depending on which demand manager or battery you have, the updates may happen automatically, while others will require you to facilitate the update yourself. Please see the list below to see what kind of update your system will require.


Inergy - Automatic Manufacturer Update

Inergy will automatically push out the new on-peak programming once APS has finished migrating all impacted customers to the new on-peak window. The best estimates are late July or early August. Customers can also contact Inergy at support@inergysystems.com to be switched over sooner once. Remember, it's essential that you don't switch to the new on-peak window before APS migrates you to the new plan. 


Generac - Automatic Manufacturer Update

Generac will switch all of its customers over at one time once APS has finished migrating all impacted customers to the new on-peak window. The best estimates at this time are late July or early August.


Tesla Powerwall - Owner Update Required

Tesla Powerwall customers must manually update their system. Do not make the switch early. Once you receive confirmation from APS that you are now operating on the new on-peak plan, follow these detailed instructions for reprogramming your Tesla Powerwall.


Brayden - Owner Update Required

Brayden customers must manually update their system to reflect the new hours once they receive confirmation from APS that they have been switched to the new on-peak window. Our friends over at Brayden put together this video on how to update your demand manager.


StorEdge + LG Chem Battery Customers - Automatic Update by SVSS

Sun Valley Solar Solutions will update all impacted StorEdge + LG Chem battery customers twice a month during this transition period. When you've received confirmation from APS that you're on the new on-peak hours, submit this form to be included in our next round of updates. 


If you have any further questions about this APS update, please reach out to our Service Department by calling 480-689-5050 or filling out the form through the button below.

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