5 Tips to Keep Your Solar System at Peak Efficiency

Sabrina Lopez
June 21, 2016
2 min read

Modern solar panels have come a long way in almost every respect, from performance to durability and longevity. Today, most brands offer warranties in the 25-year range, with many performing at or near their peak for the same timeframe with minimal degradation, depending on panel quality. 

But while today’s solar panels are unquestionably durable, most service experts recommend an annual inspection as the best way to ensure that your solar energy system is always operating at its best.

In addition to the annual inspection, here are five essential maintenance tips to help ensure your solar energy system delivers as designed for years to come.

1. Regular Panel Cleaning: Solar panels work best when nothing obstructs their path to the sun. Dirt, debris, and animal droppings can all hinder performance by reducing the amount of sun that makes its way to the panels. Having your panels cleaned once or twice a year will reduce the negative impact of buildup. If you’re handy, a simple dusting or spray with your garden hose is a good quick fix between professional cleanings.


2. Install Wildlife Guards: Pigeons and rodents are known to burrow and nest in tight spaces, chew on wiring, and potentially cause electrical issues. In some parts of Arizona, wildlife guards are an excellent measure to help prevent pest-related issues long before they become a problem. Keeping critters away from the panels also helps ensure longer cycles between panel cleanings. 


3. Shading Due to Trees and Vegetation: Living in the desert, we all appreciate a little extra shade in our yard when the weather gets toasty. However, when left unattended, growing trees and bushes can cast a shadow over your solar panels and negatively impact your solar energy system’s production. Over-shadowing vegetation should be trimmed back to ensure that your system functions to its full potential.


4. Wiring and Connection Points Inspection: The Sonoran Desert delivers ample energy-rich sunlight, making going solar a “no-brainer” for most Arizona residents. But this is also one of the harshest environments in North America. Solar energy systems comprise hundreds of connection points—from the inverter(s) to the solar panels on your roof.  As the years go by and the system is exposed to the harsh desert elements, these connection points can sometimes come loose. A yearly wiring inspection is all it takes to identify and fix potential problems long before they hinder your system’s performance.


5. Inverters inspection: Inverters are also designed to withstand the extreme temperature changes of the Arizona climate. However, they should be maintained and kept free of dust and debris. Having filters and fans cleaned regularly can dramatically extend their functional lifespan. This is an easy addition to an annual inspection.

These five preventative measures will help mitigate system degradation and ensure that the system is producing at peak efficiency for years to come!

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