How the Right Energy Plan Can Benefit You and Your Family

Sabrina Lopez
November 17, 2015
3 min read

Understanding your electric bill can be frustrating. The utilities are not good at presenting exactly what we’re getting for what we pay them monthly. Adding to the confusion are varying rate plans with multiple added fees and different prices for different times of the day. As our confusion grows, so does our inclination to “give up and pay.”

Programs such as the equalizer and auto-pay add to the challenge because they help to keep your true costs hidden. Summer bills are buried in the average, and a billing notification in an email doesn’t hurt the same way reading the actual bill and writing a check does.

Since each rate plan offered by our utilities charges us differently based on the electricity we use, it is important to understand which plan is right for us. Being on the correct rate plan is important for every consumer. Still, for solar customers, the benefits of optimizing the rate plan can be more substantial since many fees are minimized, if not eliminated when someone makes their power.

Everyone uses electricity differently. A rate plan for someone who goes away for work would be better for someone who works from home. This is important for families with solar panels as well. The rate plan for someone with close to 100% solar power would be better for a family using solar to offset a smaller percentage of their needs.

Now is the season for APS “settle-up” statements, and soon, customers with solar systems installed will be compensated for the extra credits on their accounts.  If you see that you will be selling back many “on-peak” credits, it may make sense to take a closer look and see if the “Basic Plan” makes more sense for next year. 

If you’ve not yet started making electricity, Fall is a great time to look into solar. After all, it takes time to research the options, install a system, and finalize the perfect rate plan for your goals. Starting now is the best way to ensure that you’re ready to offset the certainty of rising costs next spring.

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