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How to Save Big on Demand-Based Plans

Kyle Ritland

July 2018

Demand Manager and Solar VideoWhat if I told you there was an innovative way to extract sizable savings from demand-based rate plans without the expense of a battery? Not only that, but the approach generally requires fewer solar panels than a more traditional system. Sound intriguing? Read on.

When SRP rolled out their controversial demand-based E27 Customer Generation Plan in 2015, many solar companies – including some very recognizable national brands – simply packed up and left the territory. This created the common misconception that solar isn’t viable in SRP territory, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, APS is also offering demand-based options in their Saver’s Choice Plus and Saver’s Choice Max plans. Both plans offer big opportunity for savings with the right combination of technologies.

Demand fees are assessed from your largest single 30-minute (SRP) or 60-minute (APS) draw from the grid during on-peak hours every month. You’re only charged for one 30 or 60 minute draw—your highest. Batteries are a great way to avoid demand fees, but batteries can add many thousands of dollars to a solar purchase. Another approach is to deploy a highly-sophisticated hardware/software module that works in tandem with solar panels to balance power loads and avoid demand spikes all together. We’ve installed more than 400 of these systems since 2016. This approach is so successful that even APS customers are now jumping on board.

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We invite you to watch this short technology video to learn more about our unique approach to demand-based rate plans in SRP and APS. After that, read on to hear from customers JB and Troy about the benefits of saving with solar and demand management technology together. 



See how JB has saved thousands in the first year thanks to solar with demand management technology.

“It made sense to make sure you didn’t exceed a certain demand number during the peak times and then really take advantage of the lower rate in the non-peak times,” JB said. “The comfort in the home is the same or better than it was before.”

SRP customer Troy Adams, has also been reaping the benefits of solar with a demand management technology since 2016. Read his story to find out how much he’s saved.

“In May, 2015, we purchased about 28kWh every day from SRP. In May, 2016, we generated almost all of our own power, and averaged just 1kWh per day from SRP!”

If you would like to find out if our solution will work for your home, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. As hundreds of other customers did, you may quickly realize that with our demand management technology, solar can once again make financial sense for demand-based plans.

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