6 Blogs To Follow On the Latest Green Living Advancements

Sabrina Lopez
September 2, 2015
2 min read

Green living is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint and help you further cut down on your energy bills—even if you already have solar installed! Because green living has taken off as a serious movement mostly within the last decade, countless green living advancements are being made every day. We recommend following these six blogs to stay updated on the latest ways that you can live greener and contribute to a healthier planet for everyone:

  1. Green Tech Media – Stay up to date on green living news across the globe. Recent blog posts have focused on the Clean Power Plan and news that Tesla has teamed up with Airbnb to provide EV chargers at certain rental properties.

  2. Breaking Energy - This blog is a great source for energy-related news. New posts have included in-depth write-ups on the winners and losers of the Clean Power Plan, what's included in your home battery system's price, as well as consistent coverage of regulation, technology, and oil and gas news.

  3. Enviro Gadget - In addition to posting helpful content about going green, such as how to charge your gadgets in an environmentally friendly manner, this blog on green living advancements also contains a huge number of eco gadget reviews, from solar-powered deck lights to solar powered chargers.

  4. Our Everyday Earth - This blog contains great content to help you make better green living choices, from green education and news to green product reviews and guides. Recent blog entries have included posts on keeping your garden as eco-friendly and green ways to heat your home.

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