Why Winter is a Great Time to Consider Solar in Arizona

Sabrina Lopez
December 16, 2015
3 min read

An increasing number of Arizona homeowners have already discovered the financial and environmental benefits of installing solar energy systems in their homes. However, many people don’t realize that winter is the best time to start the solar shopping and installation processes.

During the mild winter months, when our power bills drop, it’s easy to forget the upcoming blazing Arizona summer and the always-shocking utility bills that start arriving as your AC system works to keep your home comfortable. However, when the temperatures rise, so does the rush to install solar. This high seasonal demand can make installation times longer, which presents a frustrating challenge, especially if you’re trying to work around your summer travel schedule.

1. Solar Doesn’t Happen Overnight: Once you decide to go solar, it can take several months to design the perfect system for your home and ultimately complete the installation and activation with your local utility. Even if you start the process in spring or early summer, a solar energy system might not be operational until later in the summer or fall when temperatures – and utility bills—are already dropping.

In addition, a roof-mounted solar system requires a roof in excellent condition. If the roof inspection finds that repairs are needed, getting an early start on those will cause fewer delays for your solar install. In short, start shopping now to ensure maximum return on your solar investment by next summer.

2. Choosing a Solar Company: Many solar companies in Arizona provide a wide range of solar-related products and services. Since going solar begins a relationship with your solar installer that can last for decades, it’s important to pick a partner with the best credentials and a reputation and service history that indicates longevity and healthy business practices. This process can take weeks or even months if you choose to review quotes from multiple installers. Start as soon as possible to ensure your system will be in place and fully operational well before it’s most needed.

3. Look into Solar IncentivesThe federal investment tax credit (ITC) covering solar installations is set to expire at the end of 2016. This tax credit will offset 30% of a solar purchase. In addition, the state of Arizona offers a flat $1000 tax credit for going solar. Please take advantage of these incentives before they disappear. It’s free money!

4. Take Advantage of Net MeteringMany Arizona residents also have the opportunity to earn energy credits from their utility provider. During the cool winter months, most solar customers generate more electricity than they consume. Net metering allows these consumers to feed unused electricity back into the grid. Utility companies credit these homeowners for the excess energy, allowing them to use those credits during the hot summer. If you want to be ready for Summer, it’s vital to have your solar system operational in winter so that you can start banking those credits before your electricity bill starts climbing.

If you want to learn more about switching to solar energy, now is the time to act! We invite you to download our free solar guide, and if you're interested, request a custom solar quote from one of our solar experts today.