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How-To Video

APS announced an update to their time-of-use plans, shifting on-peak times on weekdays from 3-8 pm to 4-7 pm. From May through July 2022, APS will migrate any customers on a time-of-use plan to the new plan with a shorter on-peak window. Customers will receive a notification from APS once the migration is complete. 

Customers with a Brayden demand manager will need to update their system manually. To help with this switch, our friends over at Brayden put together this helpful how-to video below. Remember to only do this once you've received confirmation from APS that your system is operating on the 4-7 pm window.


If you'd like our Service team to update your system, you can reach them at 480-689-5050 or at service.dept@sunvalleysolar.com.