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Adding Solar Carports to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Shannon Higgins

August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 1.06.12 PM-1Adding solar to your business can add significantly to your bottom line, which makes the switch to this renewable form of energy a sound financial decision. While this is usually the main factor  when weighing the decision to go solar, it shouldn't be the only one. Studies show how implementing sustainable practices have a positive influence on employee recruitment, employee satisfaction, and even the communities surrounding the organization.

As younger people join the workforce and change the composition of what to focus on when recruiting and retaining employees, they bring with them a heightened awareness of sustainability issues and lifestyle choices. In fact, millennials would be willing to give up $7,600 on average in yearly salary to work somewhere that provides a better environment for them, and they highly value corporate social responsibility.

One of the increasingly popular ways to appeal to this growing paradigm and add sustainability initiatives to organizations, especially here in Arizona, is through solar carports. Not only do they help reduce your electric bill by producing their own clean energy from the sun, but they can also help employee satisfaction, and even help you recruit this young and environmentally-aware workforce in a number of ways. Below are just a few out of a number of benefits we've discovered firsthand through helping businesses install their own solar shade structures.

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1. More engaged, satisfied, and productive employees: According to Inc.com, sustainability in the work place has been shown to improve employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. While saving money through producing your own energy, you could also add to your bottom line through having more productive employees, completing more tasks in less time, and boosting the overall morale of your organization.

2. Money and time saved in recruiting new employees: When an employee feels inspired by their company, they are 20% more likely to stay with that company, and with estimates of replacing a productive member of your team ranging anywhere from 90% to 200% of that employee’s annual salary, that’s a major point to consider. Adding solar carports to your organization is a great option to help employees feel inspired, as well as keeping recruiting dollars in your pocket.

3. Free advertisement for your business: Many companies forget that employees are your best form of advertisement, meaning employee opinions of your company play a critical role into your public image. That voice can be a determining factor in a customer’s decision to make you their company of choice and an easy way to spread positive word-of-mouth testimonials.

4.  No more burnt hands: This is an all-too-familiar feeling if you live in the Valley of the Sun. Although this is probably less of a concern for employees who want to see more sustainable initiatives from the companies they work for, it's definitely a bonus solar carports offer that anyone in your organization and reap the benefits of. 

If you've ever considered adding shaded parking for your customers or employees, it’s just a few more steps to add solar panels and transform those shade structures into revenue generating machines for your business. Contact our commercial team to schedule your free consultation.

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