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Introduction to Commercial Energy Storage

Kyle Ritland

May 2018

Energy storage is the hottest thing in solar these days. And rightly so, since batteries dramatically expand the effectiveness of commercial solar arrays by allowing you to capture and store your excess solar energy for use whenever you want. Looking for a way to help squash utility demand fees? Energy storage is the answer. Have a business that uses a lot of energy in the evening hours? Add batteries and extend the effectiveness of your solar well into the night. 

If you've been curious what energy storage can do for your organization, watch the video below from our good friends at SunPower to see if energy storage makes sense for your operation. 



If you've been thinking about adding solar plus energy storage to your commercial operation, or to learn how solar can help your business and its energy goals, we invite you to schedule a consultation with a member of our commercial solar team. Not quite ready for a consultation, but want to learn more? Download our free commercial solar guide. 

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