4 Reasons to Install EV Chargers for Your Organization

Sabrina Lopez
July 19, 2021
3 min read

The shift to electric vehicles is moving swiftly. Is your business ready? EV Adoption estimates that EV sales should grow to reach approximately 29.5% of all new car sales in the US by 2030. Compare that to the current 3.4% in 2021, and you can easily see the market's fast growth.

This widespread adoption also brings many questions about vehicle charging infrastructure. More EVs mean higher demand for charging options from urban to rural. Most municipalities are already pushing hard to meet this growing demand. Still, another way to help build a robust charging network is for businesses to install EV chargers for their employees and customers.

Remember that adding EV chargers has many ancillary benefits beyond the most obvious. From gaining a competitive recruitment edge and a positive brand reputation to incentivizing customers to select your business over the competition, EV chargers send a strong message about your company's values. Let's quickly look at some of our favorite upsides to adding EV chargers at your facility. 


1. Gain a competitive recruiting edge

Today's job market is competitive. With many jobs, many employees are searching for a better position, and many employers are getting competitive with their salaries and benefits packages. Adding electric vehicle chargers is an innovative way to differentiate your organization from the crowd. With more EVs on the road, more of your employees will eventually be driving one, making your organization's charging stations an added benefit of working there. Range anxiety is a fear when it comes to electric vehicles, and giving your employees peace of mind that they can charge while working is a huge advantage.


2. Create a positive brand reputation

Consumers today take into consideration more than just pricing and level of service. Many also consider more altruistic aspects, like sustainability goals or charity contributions, of organizations they're considering giving their business to. Electric vehicles and charging stations typically evoke a positive brand association due to the environmentally friendly and progressive mindset that typically comes with EVs. This can contribute to your organization winning business over your competition and make you more competitive with potential employees. It's a double-dip of a win.


3. Encourage consumers to stop by your business

If your business sells primarily to consumers, installing EV chargers will incentivize potential customers to choose you over a competitor. Similar to how electric vehicle chargers help with recruiting, they can also attract customers if they know they can charge while they shop at your location. EV chargers are especially useful in larger shopping areas, like malls and town centers.


4. Drive on sunshine with solar

If you want to take your sustainability initiatives one step further, installing solar is a great option. Not only will installing a solar energy system elevate points #1 and #2, but it will also help add to your bottom line through savings on your electric bill. By reducing your reliance on utility power, you lock in a predictable energy cost and free up money for other business areas. Plus, your employees and customers who drive an electric vehicle will know they're filling their tank with sunshine rather than dirty grid energy. 

There are also limited-time incentives that can dramatically reduce the costs of installing commercial solar. The most notable incentive is the 26% federal solar tax credit that can be applied to purchasing a solar energy system to maximize the return on investment. Adding solar and electric vehicles to your organization allows you to drive in sunshine!

If you're considering adding electric vehicle chargers or solar to your organization, contact us for a free consultation! We can help you decide if adding one or both makes sense for your company.