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Is Commercial Solar Worth It?

Sabrina Lopez
February 9, 2023
4 min read

With commercial solar becoming increasingly popular and visible across Arizona, more organizations than ever are curious whether adding solar panels makes compelling financial sense for their business. As more organizations consider solar, the first question that's top of mind is whether commercial solar is worth it. Let's take a closer look. 

Although a commercial solar system will start paying you back when turned on, the upfront investment can sometimes be intimidating. While arriving at a final price for a commercial solar energy system requires an in-depth evaluation of your property, energy use, and goals, this blog will address the most common questions we get from people in the early stages of solar research. If you'd like a more in-depth assessment specific to your organization, schedule a free commercial solar consultation today.


Is commercial solar worth it?

Our honest answer is that it depends on the organization looking to go solar. While we'd like to see every commercial building with a rooftop full of solar panels, the truth is that for some organizations, it just doesn't turn out to be a financially wise decision. A few factors we take into consideration to determine this are:

1) How much energy your organization currently uses. 

2) Whether or not you own the building. 

3) Your business' financial state, including tax liability (to maximize incentives). 

During your free commercial solar consultation, we'll evaluate your organization's unique circumstances to determine if solar is worth it. 

For organizations we've helped go solar, like PepsiCo, Sub-Zero Group Inc., and Voya Financial, many benefits have made solar a wise investment. These companies have improved their bottom-line performance by reducing their monthly energy costs. They're also reaping the positive PR impact of becoming a green and environmentally-friendly organization. 

So, to determine if solar is worth it, start by asking if you want to reduce operating expenses while improving your organization's environmental reputation. If the answer is yes to one or both, read on.  


Will commercial solar add to your bottom line?

This is the biggest factor that will determine whether or not commercial solar makes sense for your organization. When you’re producing your own clean, affordable energy with solar panels, that’s money saved by not buying your electricity from a monopoly utility. By reducing your reliance on utility power, you lock in predictable energy costs for decades while shielding your business from annual rate increases. You also free up money that can be used to grow other areas of your business. 

Every business has unique energy usage patterns and goals. Solar might not make sense from a pure cost-savings perspective if your organization's current energy usage is already fairly low. A reputable solar contractor can help you determine how adding solar can impact your organization's bottom line. 


Do you value having an environmentally friendly reputation?

Today's consumer is growing more and more environmentally conscious. Adding solar to your organization will appeal to a growing audience of environmentally conscious customers—the number of people who embrace and prefer green businesses is rising. Multiple studies have shown that consumers consciously choose companies that show their environmental and corporate social responsibility. This can affect who they choose to do business with, possibly selecting one organization for being "greener" than the other. If your organization operates in an industry where your consumers value your dedication to environmentally friendly practices, adding solar could be a big boon.


Would your organization benefit from shaded parking?

Arizona summers are brutal. If you're already considering adding shade structures to your parking lot, consider taking an extra step and turning those into solar carports. In Arizona and Nevada, the desert sun can create searingly hot cars in the summer. Many organizations find that adding solar shade structures helps them save money and adds value to their employees and visitors. Not burning your hands after work on a summer day can be a perk of solar carports!

In short, the answer to this blog's question is more complicated than a simple "yes" or "no." While solar is a smart investment, it may not be a financially wise decision for your organization. It is an investment that will start paying you back from day one, but you'll want to be sure it makes sense for your organization first.


If you'd like to learn more about the various factors that make up a solar purchase, we invite you to download our free guide, Is Solar Right for Your Organization? If you're ready to talk to a member of our commercial team, you can request a consultation here