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Offering the Best Solar Panels on the Market

Part of being the best is offering the best brands. Every product that we install is thoroughly tested to withstand our harsh desert climate. Every brand in our portfolio has earned its place by delivering exceptional value, performance, and longevity.  Our testing is thorough, so if we’re selling it, you can be assured that it has earned our confidence and will serve you well for many decades.

We’re pleased to offer our residential customers the following family of award-winning solar brands.

SunPower - No Compromises

As the world’s premier manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels, and solar energy systems, SunPower is a crown jewel in Sun Valley Solar’s product portfolio. Headquartered in northern California, SunPower holds over 140 patents and is the panel of choice for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Federal Express, NASA, and even the United States Department of Energy.

Reliable and Long Lasting

Arizona may be the perfect spot for solar with all its sunshine, but our desert conditions can be abrasive on solar panels. SunPower panels are tested to withstand high heat, strong winds, sand, and wildlife. SunPower even guarantees their panels with an industry-leading 25-year warranty, but designs the panels to last 40 years. SunPower’s solar panels produce 70% more energy than traditional solar cells over the first 25 years.

World Record Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, SunPower X-series panels achieve 7% higher efficiency than conventional panels, allowing customers to purchase fewer panels while achieving the same amount of production.


An American Brand

SunPower was founded in 1985 in the heart of technology-rich Silicon Valley. They are the most profitable and stable solar company in the world. Evidence of their strength and longevity is marked by the fact they are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange (SPWR).

Modern & Attractive

Are aesthetics important to you? For years solar panels were disliked by many who considered them unattractive. SunPower changed all this with their “all black” panels. By adding a black frame and moving the electrical contacts to the back, they deliver a sleek, black, glass-like aesthetic that looks more like a skylight than a traditional solar panel with its individual cells fully visible.

SunPower Elite Dealer

Even before we started Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we committed to only providing customers with the best solar panels available. For their quality, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the clear choice was SunPower.

A short time after opening our doors we became a SunPower Premier Dealer, by 2011 we ascended the ranks even further to became one of the first SunPower Elite Dealers in the country.

How Did We Earn Elite?

We achieved Elite status in 2011, and maintain this standing today. In fact, we’re one of very few SunPower Elite dealers in the country to maintain this status for so long.

Residential Dealer of the Year

In April of 2012, SunPower recognized us with their prestigious Residential Regional Dealer of the Year award for the western region. They cited our unwavering a commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction in their recognition.

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