Car Dealerships & The Solar Evolution

Financial Security in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace

Car dealerships consume 18% more energy than a typical office building.

That equates to about $2B in annual energy costs across the industry. This number only rises as energy prices continue to climb, and electric vehicle proliferation places higher energy demands in showrooms, service bays, and sales lots.

Savvy dealers must be proactive:

Amidst an increasingly competitive automotive landscape, softening demand, and shrinking margins, the most successful dealers proactively manage spending to reduce operating expenses.

Make Your Electricity!

  • Create a new source of capital by reducing your reliance on the power utility.
  • Improve your bottom line and avoid rising utility expenses
  • Hedge against market fluctuations and reduced profit margins
  • Future-proof your dealership for tomorrow's EV-focused marketplace
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Arizona Chapman Car Dealership Goes Solar With Sun Valley Solar Solutions

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Toyota of Vallejo will Save Nearly $4m with Solar & Energy Efficiency

Align with Corporate Sustainability Goals and Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Sustainability is good for business. Demonstrating that your dealership cares about the health of your local community will engender trust. This is particularly important among female customers, who influence 80% of vehicle buying decisions, and millennials, who are far more inclined to purchase from businesses they see as environmentally aware.

Add Car Chargers and Drive on Sunshine

Electric vehicles are the future, and dealerships must keep demo vehicles and service loaners fully topped off. Don’t increase your electric bill. Let Arizona’s abundant sunshine fill the tank.

Because of these trends, many automobile manufacturers have deployed sustainability programs that auto dealerships can benefit from. Some examples include:

Go Green Sustainability Program

Green Dealer Program, where GM is the leading U.S. brand with a sustainability initiative. GM is leveraging energy efficiency with onsite and offsite renewable energy solutions to reach its 100% renewable energy goal by 2050

Green Dealer Program, where the company leads all automakers with 12 LEED-Certified "Green Buildings" in North America

Green Program 2022 and Nissan Green Shop certification system include goals for reducing CO2 in its buildings

Eco-Friendly Retailer Program in partnership with Green Dealer Support (GDS)

Environmental Challenge 2050, where Toyota is the only brand in the top 10 retailers for LEED certification.

Every Tesla vehicle is electric. Simply plug in to drive on sunshine. 

Solar Carports Sweeten the Deal

Solar carports provide cooler parking options while generating additional electricity simultaneously. Solar tax incentives can
be applied to shade additions so long as they incorporate solar panels into their design.

Incentives Dramatically Reduce Cost – But They’re Disappearing FAST

The 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit

The business ITC is currently set at 30 percent and was extended until the mid-2030s through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

MACRS Investment Depreciation

Every commercial solar system qualifies for the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) as a method of depreciation in which a business’s investments are recovered over a specified period.

Additional Commercial Solar Incentives

There may be future commercial solar incentives that are announced. It's always good to ask a Sun Valley Solar Solutions commercial solar consultant about the latest Arizona commercial solar incentives.

Most Common Ways to Pay for Commercial Dealership Solar

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Buy your solar system outright. Keep your tax incentives.

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Monthly fee for use of equipment. Tax incentives to lease holder.

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