Self-Storage & The Solar Evolution

Financial Security in a Competitive Market

Increase Revenue While Reducing Operating Costs

Those massive rooftops and carports could be making money for your self-storage business. Solar panels turn rooftops into revenue generating machines that can help your facility hedge against rising utility costs and unexpected vacancies, while differentiating your business.

Make Your Own Electricity!

Make Your Own Electricity!

  • Create a new source of capital by reducing your reliance on the power utility
  • Improve your bottom line and avoid the certainty of rising utility costs
  • Hedge against vacancies, market fluctuations, and shrinking profit margins
  • Prepare your business for a more environmentally-conscious market
Inner Space Mini Storage

Inner Space Mini Storage Goes Solar

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Align with Sustainability Goals and Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Sustainability is good for business. Demonstrating that your self-storage facility cares about the health of your local community will engender trust. This is particularly important among female customers, who influence 80% of vehicle buying decisions, and millennials, who are far more inclined to purchase from businesses they see as environmentally aware.

Solar Carports Sweeten the Deal

Many self-storage businesses install shaded parking to generate additional revenue. Go one step further and turn those shade structures into solar arrays! This approach improves your bottom line and allows you to offset costs by extending solar tax credits to the shade structure construction.

Solar Carports Sweeten the Deal

Maximize Savings with Solar: Limited-Time Offers You Don't Want to Miss

Benefit from the Extended 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit

The business Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy has been significantly boosted to 30 percent, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This substantial incentive has been extended until the mid-2030s, providing a long-term opportunity for businesses to reduce their solar installation costs. By capitalizing on this tax credit, companies can make a more affordable transition to green energy, reaping environmental and economic benefits.

Maximize Returns with MACRS Investment Depreciation

All commercial solar systems are eligible for the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). This system allows businesses to depreciate their solar investment over a specific period, accelerating the recovery of their initial costs. It's an effective financial strategy that enhances the overall value and return on investment of adopting solar technology in your business operations.

Explore Upcoming Commercial Solar Incentives

The realm of solar incentives is dynamic, with potential new benefits for commercial solar projects possibly on the horizon. To ensure you don't miss out on these opportunities, it's advisable to consult with a Sun Valley Solar Solutions expert. Their knowledge of the latest Arizona commercial solar incentives can guide you in optimizing your solar investment and staying ahead in the renewable energy landscape.

Most Common Ways to Pay for Self-Storage Solar



Buy your solar system outright. Keep your tax incentives.



Monthly fee for use of equipment. Tax incentives to lease holder.

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