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    Heard Solar Was Over In SRP?

    Not With Sun Valley Solar Solutions

    When SRP introduced the controversial Customer Generation Price Plan in 2015, many solar companies—including some well known national brands—simply abandoned the territory.

    After all, the new demand-based Customer Generation plan is dramatically different than anything our industry has seen before. Under this new pricing model, customers continue to pay for their total electricity usage, known as consumption, but they are also assessed a demand fee based on their highest single half hour of on-peak energy use.

    Understanding Demand vs. Consumption

    Demand pricing is dramatically different than more traditional rate plans, which charge you only for the total amount of energy you "consume" during the billing cycle. SRP's customer Generation Price Plan also charges you for your highest single half hour of on-peak energy "demand". To better understand how demand pricing works, watch the videos below.


    Re-Imagined Solar with Demand Management Technology

    Cropped SRPTo help SRP customers continue to reap the benefits of Arizona’s abundant sunshine, we deploy a proven and highly-sophisticated hardware/software module that works in concert with your solar panels to help you avoid SRP's costly demand spikes. And as an SRP Preferred Solar Installer, we've worked extensively with SRP to ensure  that our solution delivers real, time-tested, and proven results.

    How Our Demand Manager Works

    First, we identify household items that require large amounts of electricity, such as a/c units, pool pumps, or water heaters. Once activated, the demand manager stabilizes your home’s overall energy consumption by carefully cycling this pre-selected list of large electric loads on and off during on-peak hours. It all happens automatically and without sacrificing your family’s comfort.

    This process allows customers to take full control of their energy consumption and avoid the costly demand spikes that occur when numerous, high-energy electric appliances cycle on at the same time.

    Save Even More With Demand Management

    As the demand manager smooths out your overall monthly energy consumption, you will have effectively altered the utility’s rate structure in your favor. When SRP rolled out their E27 demand plan, they also reduced the base kWh price to 1970s levels.

    Therefore, by eliminating your demand spikes with our new technology, you're also gaining access to some of the cheapest per kilowatt-hour rates we've seen in decades.


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