The SVSS CARES Program

At Suncerta, our employees are our solar family. That's why we're introducing a new initiative to support those who make our mission possible during their time of need. Discover the SVSS CARES Program - because we don't just build a sustainable future, we build it together.

About the SVSS Cares program

The SVSS CARES Program: Empowering Our Employees in Times of Need

We recognize that life can take unexpected turns. When these events occur, SVSS wants to be there for you. The SVSS CARES Program is designed to help our dedicated employees in times of financial strain caused by unforeseen life events.

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Qualifying life events

When Can You Benefit from The Suncerta SVSS CARES Program?

From emergency medical expenses to loss of housing, our program is designed to support you in various situations. Discover the examples of qualifying life events below.

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Car Repair/ Maintenance

If your ability to commute to work is directly inhibited due to unexpected car repairs or maintenance, we have you covered.

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Emergency Travel Expenses

Should you need to travel due to a qualifying bereavement or the need to visit a qualifying family member before their anticipated passing, we have you covered.

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Unexpected Loss of Housing

In the unfortunate event that you experience an unexpected loss of housing due to theft, fire, or safety issues, we have you covered.

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Unexpected Medical Expenses

Should you or a qualified immediate family member face unexpected out-of-pocket medical expenses, this would constitute a qualifying life event. We have you covered.

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Loss Of Wages

If a head of your household—be it a husband, wife, or domestic partner—experiences a loss of wages, this can be considered a qualifying life event. We have you covered.

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Unexpected Loss of Housing

In the event of theft or an unexpected need to replace hand or power tools that are required for your work at Suncerta, we have you covered.

Other Major Life Events May Be Requested and Reviewed by Our Committee!

To ensure your life event is compatible with the program, we must consider the following: How unexpected is the financial need? What is the potential impact on the employee’s ability to do their job or care for their immediate family members? How much supporting documentation can the employee provide demonstrating the need? How many prior requests have the employee made to the program? How much is being requested, and how much money is currently available in the CARES Fund?

Support tiers to match your tenure

Funds may be requested and distributed in 4 tiers based on tenure and standing with the company. "In Good Standing" = The employee is active and not on a performance improvement plan. The employee's direct Manager and HR sign off that the employee demonstrates our Company's Core Values – Safety, Quality, Team, Customer, Innovation, and Community.

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Tier 1 - Up to $250

Tenure 3 mo. or less and standing with the company is in question.
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Tenure 6 mo. or less.

Tenure 6 mo. or less.
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Tier 3 - Up to $750

Tenure 1 year or less.
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Tier 4 - Up to $1,000

Over 1 year of service.

Employees may make multiple requests with a maximum allotment of $1,000 distributed every two years. Example: An employee receives $250 to pay for an unexpected car repair in order to come to work. One year later, they receive $750 to assist with a deposit on a new apartment after being given less than 30 days’ notice to relocate. This totals the max allotment of $1,000. The employee must wait a minimum of 2 years from the date the $250 was issued before requesting another $250 and a minimum of 2 years from the date the $750 was issued before requesting $750 or less.

How we fuel the SVSS CARES program

*Note: Funds may only be issued if they exist. This program relies on donations and is managed through the We Are ONE committee and the HR Department.

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Community Committee Budget

$500 Shifted from the Community Committee budget

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Recycling Old Materials

Copper wire and other recycling funds collected by SVSS

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Unused PTO Donation

Employees may donate unused PTO in the form of a cash-out; See Handbook

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Bake Sales

Bake sales or other holiday events sponsored by the We Are ONE committee

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Employee Contribution

Single and recurring via payroll deduction.

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Company Gear Swag

When we sell any type of company swag, the profits are donated

(Want to donate your unused PTO or other payroll deduction? Click the button below)



At Suncerta, Your Well-being Is Our Priority

We care about more than just solar energy. We care about you, our valued team member. We're here to support you in tough times because we are not just a team but a community. This is what the SVSS CARES Program stands for. Together, we can weather any storm.

We believe in educating our customers, not selling to them. We fully evaluate your energy footprint and goals, and then provide unique options for you to make the best decision for your family."
Russ Patzer, CEO Sun Valley Solar Solutions