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Enjoy a Self-Powered Home

Batteries dramatically expand the effectiveness of a solar energy system by allowing you to store and use your solar electricity around the clock – not just when the sun is out. By adding batteries, more of your home's overall electricity use is fulfilled by your solar array, further reducing your utility bill while shrinking your carbon footprint.  

Most residential battery systems fall into two basic categories: Backup Loads, and Whole Home Backup. The first category requires dramatically less capacity and generally costs less than a more sophisticated grid system.

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Whole Home Backup - Squashing On-Peak Utility Fees

entire-house-battery-backupWith a whole home backup system, you can add just enough batteries to offset the most expensive on-peak utility hours, or add more to keep your house operational during an extended power outage. These types of systems are highly customized and unique to each family and utility rate plan. In some cases, an upgrade to your electrical panel may also be required. Our experts will advise during the free consultation phase.

Backup Loads - Security in Times of Crisis

battery-emergency-backupPower outages will occur with greater frequency as our national energy grid continues to age. Much simpler than a whole home system, a battery backup system will run your most critical loads – or a designated room – during a grid failure when your solar panels aren't producing. Batteries are charged by your panels during the day for use during the night. This process repeats until grid power is restored.

A Customized, White-Glove Approach

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is trained and fully authorized by the industry's most respected battery manufacturers. Whether you're looking for emergency backup or a more complete whole-home solution, we'll design a customized system specifically for your home and energy savings goals.  

Incentives Offer Big Savings, But Only For A Limited Time

SRP Incentives Up To $3,600

SRP currently offers an incentive of up to $3,600 ($300 per DC-kWh) for Arizona residential customers who purchase and install qualifying battery storage systems – including Tesla Powerwall battery products. The incentive is only available for up to 4,500 SRP customers on a first-come first-served basis during a 36-month period, beginning in May 2018.

Apply the 26% Federal Tax Credit Through 2020

If your battery is combined with a solar energy system, you may eligible for the 26% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Arizona residents. The 26% ITC is only available through the year 2020. In 2021, the incentive drops again to 22% before ending permanently for Arizona homeowners in 2022. 

Looking to Add Batteries? Let's Talk!