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4 Reasons Why Quality Roofing is Important for Solar

Shannon Higgins

October 2022

solar on tile roofWhen you think of solar, you'll probably first think about saving money on your electric bill, or how it can help you become more green. Some people might simply want to drive on sunshine with an electric vehicle. There's a lot of benefits when going solar, but do you think about the quality of your roof?

A healthy roof is one of the most important ingredients in a successful solar project. It's a commonplace piece of a home that doesn't get much attention except for when something goes wrong, so we understand why it doesn't get much praise. But a roof protects most the of things you hold most dear, from valuables to family. Your roof also provides a durable foundation for clean and affordable energy production.

Let's take a quick look at the top 4 reasons why quality roofing is important for solar. 

If you're considering solar it's always wise to start with a thorough roof inspection. And since not all solar companies will look out for your best interest when assessing roof integrity, we recommend requesting a free evaluation from a reputable contractor - whether before a solar installation or not - we recommend looking into Azul Roofing Solutions.


1. Save money by avoiding a removal & reinstallation job

By ensuring your roof is in tip-top shape before installing solar panels, you'll significantly decrease the likelihood that you'll need to remove and reinstall your solar panels to facilitate a roof repair. Unless the roof damage is caused by the solar panels themselves - which would typically be covered by a solar warranty - homeowners are 100% responsible for the solar panel removal and re-installation costs.

Any reputable solar installation company will let you know if they spot a potential issue with your roof before advancing your solar project. Some solar companies even have preferred roofing companies they partner with to ensure a trained eye is always on call when a roof looks questionable. If your solar installation company doesn't have a knowledgeable roofing partner, we recommend Azul Roofing Solutions. Azul has been our go-to roofing partner for years, and they're well versed in the requirements for a successful solar installation. 


2. Create a durable foundation for decades to come

With a solar panel's lifetime measured in decades - instead of years - you'll need a durable and long-lasting foundation to keep your panels operating throughout their significant lifespan. We've even seen brand new roofs that used low-quality materials that are now in need of repairs 2-3 years after the roof was installed. Quality roofing work and durable materials will help expand your roof's lifetime and minimize repair jobs, and therefore improve the positive financial impact of your solar installation overall. 


3. Help your panels operate at peak efficiency

A healthy roof is one that can properly vent itself and help keep the temperature of the living space below at a reasonable level. If your provides better installation, that's less work for your solar panels and greater savings for your family. This might sound like an unachievable goal given our 110+ degree days in the summer, but some roofs do a better job at venting and keeping the ambient temperature down than others. 

roofing for solarIf you're in need of a new roof prior to your solar installation, look into cooler roofing material options, like lighter shades of shingles and ventilation systems. Be sure to ask about low-e insulation options too. This roofing upgrade not only reflects heat but also provides a thermal break, which reduces the heat transfer between two surfaces.



4. Roofers experienced in solar can make a difference

While most seasoned roofer can perform an ordinary repair or replacement job, only a roofer who is experienced with solar will be familiar with the technical requirements to support a solar energy system. This can be especially important on clay or sand cast tile roofs where the most common type of solar installation uses a comp inset methodology - essentially a mixture of both shingle and tile materials to create a unified-looking final product. 

As we mentioned in reason #1, some solar companies have preferred roofing partners they trust that can be referred for a free inspection. At Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we refer our customers first to Azul Roofing Solutions. While our customers are free to choose any roofing company of their liking, the reasons stated in this blog post is why we recommend working with a roofing contractor who understands how important a roof is to a solar. 

Azul Roofing Solutions was founded by the same people behind Sun Valley Solar Solutions. As sister companies, we frequently collaborate on projects. One area where this is showcased is through our removal and reinstallation jobs. We offer 5% off roofing work and $20 off per panel!

So whether you're in need of roof work before or after your solar installation, Sun Valley Solar and Azul Roofing Solutions can help! Request a free, no-obligation solar and roofing quote through the button below.

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