5 Ways to Live Green During the Fall in Arizona

Sabrina Lopez
September 22, 2016
3 min read

It may be hard to believe, but today, September 22nd, marks the first day of fall. And while Arizona’s daylight temperatures are still hanging around the six-digit mark, one can’t argue that cooler nights are upon us, and it’s just a matter of time before our moderate fall is in full swing.

It may seem counter-intuitive to think about energy consumption and living green while turning down the thermostat, but as we emerge from our summer hibernation and spend more time outdoors, fall is a great time to expand our carbon reduction efforts. Here are five fall-friendly green living tips to help you get started on a healthy and carbon-light fall.

1. Plant a vegetable garden: Arizona’s unique climate allows gardening year-round. So, If you’ve considered growing your produce, or if you already do and want to keep it going throughout the winter, now is the time to plant root bulbs and leafy crops that will continue to produce as the temperatures drop. If you started a compost heap last year, this is a great opportunity to enrich your soil before you plant!

2. Plan regular nature time: Countless studies show that people who spend more time outside are less likely to suffer from obesity, fatigue, depression, and other health issues. Plan family outdoor time for an hour or two each day. And rather than drive everywhere, dust off that bicycle or walking shoes. Phoenix has some amazing hiking trails, and many urban attractions are located near bike paths. Enjoy lunch, bike home and keep your carbon footprint low while getting healthy at the same time!

3. Replace your home air filters: Let’s face it: the desert is dusty, and summer is the dustiest season of all – or at least it seems that way. With your AC system working overtime in the summer, air filters will become dirty. This can impact the performance of your heating and cooling system and the quality of the air you breathe. Replace air filters at the end of the summer, and if you run the heater during the winter months, replace them again in the spring.

4. Start composting: Fall's moderate temperatures make it the perfect season. Collect all your fruit and vegetable trimmings and bush or yard clippings, and place them in a pile in a corner of your property. Turn them over every week or so, and by spring, you'll have nutrient-rich soil to use in a garden or for potting plants. Plus, much less waste will have been sent to the landfill.

5. Go solar and “bank” your excess energy: This one may seem counter-intuitive as temperatures cool, but you can get significantly more financial benefits by installing a solar system in the fall. Most Arizona utilities will credit solar customers for any excess electricity they feed into the utility grid. These credits can be used during hotter months to reduce your electricity bills. Your best chance to “bank” these credits is when your AC system is turned off, so going solar in the fall will maximize the over-production opportunity and timeframe. Also, you may buy fewer panels since the energy credits from the cooler seasons will help offset your higher energy consumption in the summer. 

If you want to take advantage of a great time of year to switch to solar and start building up your energy credits, we invite you to request a free assessment and estimate. You can also download our exclusive solar whitepaper to help you understand some of the most important considerations when considering a solar investment.