4 Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy in 2016

Sabrina Lopez
January 11, 2016
2 min read

As we begin a new year, now is the perfect time for you to invest in solar energy as a home or business owner. Investing in solar today ensures ample time for the design, installation, and permitting process to conclude in time for the warming spring and summer months. Starting now is the best way to lock in decades of financial benefits beginning this year while also ensuring a cleaner and brighter energy future for yourself and your community. Here are 4 of our favorite reasons to invest in solar energy in 2016:

1. Your Utility Bills Are Only Getting Higher: Arizona receives abundant usable energy from a fantastic resource that hangs over our heads almost daily. Most importantly, this ample resource does not cost as much to process as traditional fossil fuels. Capturing sunlight and making electricity will reduce your utility bill and sometimes even eliminate it. What’s more, most Arizona resident who invests in their solar energy systems are eligible to receive state and federal tax incentives that can offset as much as 30% of a solar purchase. Learn more about solar savings and rebate programs.

2. You Care About the Environment: Fossil fuel mining and drilling extraction processes cause severe damage to the environment and human health. The byproducts of burning natural gas, oil, and coal also do the same. Although the extraction of materials used in the manufacturing of solar equipment can have an environmental impact, the net result of solar is a measurable reduction in harmful byproducts across the board. Moreover, many materials used in solar technologies are 100 percent recyclable.

3. You’re Looking to Invest in the Future: The sun is not going away anytime soon, but fossil fuels are finite. We can predict the depletion of these resources even today. When you invest in solar energy, you’re always making a wiser decision than investing in the finite fossil fuel industry. You make an immediate and positive environmental impact when you renovate your home or office with solar equipment.

4. You Own Your Property: Adding storage batteries and generators to an existing solar energy system will further decrease your reliance on the utility grid. Imagine living without dependence on utility companies and their outdated and environmentally unfriendly methods. This is the future, and new technologies arrive every year to bring us closer to this reality. At the center of this energy revolution is solar. Adding solar to your home ensures that you’re ready to take full advantage of the latest advancements while at the same time increasing the resale value of your home for a savvy generation of new home buyers.

To learn more about investing in solar energy, you can download our complimentary solar evaluation guide. We also invite you to request a custom solar quote from one of our solar experts today.