Shop Locally at Arizona Fall Fest with Local First Arizona

Sabrina Lopez
September 25, 2017
3 min read

Local First Arizona is a non-profit organization that advocates for local businesses' success and the Arizona economy's expansion. Local First Arizona works hard to educate citizens about the positive economic impact of local business ownership, local shopping, social equity, cultural diversity, environmental kinship, and collaboration. In short, they’re really busy, and we all at Sun Valley Solar dig what they do.

One of the most powerful ways that Local First advances their mission is through special events that expose member companies to their local communities. One of their most anticipated events is right around the corner.

On November 4th, 2017, Local First Arizona will host the Arizona Fall Fest at Hance Park in Phoenix. The festival will feature food from Arizona’s finest restaurants, a beer and wine garden, booths for local merchants, and live musical entertainment. And best of all, Sun Valley Solar will be there!

If you’ve wondered what solar can do for you, mark your calendars for November 4th. We will have solar experts there to answer all your questions. Best of all, you’ll learn about many amazing businesses in Arizona.

Remember, shopping locally has countless benefits. Here are just a few:

1. Positively impact your local economy: When you shop locally, a higher percentage of those transacted dollars remain here, up to four times more than when you purchase from a national vendor. This, in turn, spurs growth in the number of local businesses and jobs. In addition, a higher percentage of tax dollars are funneled back into the local community.

2. Decreases the environmental impact: Every year, the United States ships and transports an estimated $2.2 trillion of products from more than 150 countries. Accounting for an annual fuel consumption of 11 billion gallons and accompanies CO2 pollution, shipping products produces approximately 25% of our global C02 emissions. There’s room for improvement—furthermore, industrial manufacturing accounts for approximately 50% of pollution in the United States. According to eLocal, a 10% shift to locally sourced meats/produce would result in the annual reduction of 310,000 gallons of fuel and reduced CO2 production of 7.3 million lbs. Other analyses even found a positive correlation between a higher concentration of communities of small businesses.

3. Build a closer and stronger community: Buying locally ensures a greater social and economic investment in our local communities by increasing jobs and keeping more money flowing through local economies. Shopping locally also affects strengthening community relationships. Local businesses are more likely to share common interests with you and are therefore more likely to contribute towards local causes and the betterment of your neighborhood.

To learn more about Local First Arizona and their efforts to promote local businesses, visit or visit Sun Valley Solar at Arizona Fall Fest in November.

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