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4 Reasons You Should Invest in Solar Energy

Kyle Ritland

August 2015

FB_image10-2.jpgAs solar industry stewards, it’s pretty obvious to us why you, as a homeowner, should invest in your own solar electricity plant. At the very least, when you partner with companies that research, develop and install this technology, you’re not only locking decades of financial relief, but you're investing in tomorrow's technology and ensuring a cleaner energy future for us all.

While there many advantages to going solar, far more than we could could possibly explore in the brief context of this blog, we'd like to take a few minutes to share with you a few of our favorites.

1. Your Utility Bills are High

Solar Equals Savings: Arizona receives an abundance of usable energy from an unlimited resource that hangs right over our heads, and it does not cost as much to process or distribute this energy as it does with fossil fuels. Beyond the fact that you can cut your traditional utility usage and bill down by setting up solar heating and cooling units for your home, business and outdoor areas, residents of Arizona who invest in their own solar energy system can also receive tax exemptions and credits. Learn more about solar savings and rebate programs.

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2. You Own Your Property

Solar Equals Perks: If you add storage batteries and generators to your solar energy system, you can dramatically decrease or even eliminate your reliance on the public utility grid! Imagine living without dependence on utility companies and their outdated and environmentally unfriendly energy-generation methods. Additionally, whether you are connected to the grid or not, solar panels and solar energy have been shown to increase the resale value of your property.

3. You Care About the Environment

Solar Equals Prevention: Fossil fuel mining and drilling extraction processes cause severe damage to the environment and human health. The byproducts of burning natural gas, oil and coal also do the same. Although the extraction of materials used in the manufacturing of solar technologies and the process of manufacturing the equipment is not without problems, solar power equipment does not produce harmful byproducts once it is installed and many of the materials used in solar technologies are 100 percent recyclable.

4. You Are Looking to Invest in the Future

Solar Equals Wisdom: The sun is not going away anytime soon, but fossil fuels are finite. When you invest in solar energy technologies and research, you’re always making a wiser decision than investing in the fossil fuel industry. You make an immediate impact when you invest in solar energy by merely renovating your home or office with solar equipment.

If you're interested in learning more, you can download our complimentary solar whitepaper that will help you understand some of the most important considerations when making the switch to clean solar energy. We invite you to download the whitepaper, and if you're interested, request a custom solar quote from one of our solar experts today.

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