To See How Successful Solar is in Arizona...Take to the Skies!

Sabrina Lopez
May 7, 2016
2 min read

As solar energy continues to thrive, increased media coverage and a growing community of early adopters are helping to drive a heightened public discourse on the subject. And while the public’s understanding of solar technology has never been better, certain misconceptions remain firmly embedded. One of the most common surrounds the subject of proliferation and is generally presented in the form of a question:

“If solar is so effective, why don’t I see more of it?”

The answer to that question can be found in the sky. While you may not always see it from the ground, the reality is that Arizona ranks #2 in the nation for total solar generation, both commercial and residential. Arizona has 2,303 megawatts of installed solar capacity, enough power to run 327,000 homes.

Many people assume solar isn’t there because they can’t see it. The truth is that most of today’s solar energy systems are not visible from typical street-level perspectives – either due to roof orientation, structural obstructions, or because panels are placed where you might not expect them. For example, if you look up, you’ll notice that many parking shade structures in shopping centers and schools support large solar energy systems. These panels serve dual lives as energy collectors and sun shades that keep cars cool during our hot summer months.

Because of this relatively low visibility, many rule out solar before researching it further. Only a small percentage of the population takes the time to explore how solar might work for them beyond doing a quick Google search. But, once they go the extra mile to speak to solar users and base their decisions on real data, most end up installing a system of their own. Here at Sun Valley Solar, referrals account for most of our new business.

It makes sense that systems pop up geographically by neighborhood once a system is installed and solar customers start sharing their positive experiences with friends and neighbors.

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