6 Tips for Putting More Green in Your Life and in Your Pocket

Sabrina Lopez
May 12, 2016
3 min read

Living in the arid desert, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the amazing wealth of natural resources Arizona offers. Among the most obvious is our abundant sunshine. For many Arizona families, learning to harness these resources and live a more sustainable lifestyle is much more than just the latest trend. Thousands of families across our state are discovering great ways to save money while ensuring a cleaner community for generations.

As we all get ready to spring into summer, here are six tips for saving money by changing the way you consume and live:

1. Take Advantage of Flexible Work Hours: Many companies today offer flexible work hours or the option to work from home occasionally. Here in the valley, our carpool lanes are open to everyone outside the restricted hours of 6 AM to 9 AM and 3 PM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Anyone can use the HOV lanes during the other hours and all weekend long. So, altering your work hours slightly can save you fuel, time, and frustration. 

2. Grow Your Food: Arizona soil is rich in nutrients and great for growing food. Planting a produce garden is an excellent way to lower your grocery bills and a fun hobby to share as a family. For five dollars you can buy enough seed to keep your refrigerator stocked with fresh veggies all season long! Not to mention how much more delicious and healthy your meals will be with fresh produce that you’ve grown yourself!

3. Use Reclaimed Water: A common practice, especially in the desert, is collecting rainwater for use over time. During monsoon season, you can collect enough water to keep your vegetable or flower garden thriving well past the last rainfall. You will also see a difference in your water bill when you run your irrigation system less. Saving water is a great habit that will also better prepare you for times of drought.

4. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Something common in most households, RECYCLING is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint or even make a little money if you sell your scrap metal to your local recycling center! In addition to recycling, you can REDUCE your consumption easily by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Finally, finding ways to REUSE what you normally throw away will prevent tons of landfill waste. For example, cut a hole in the lid of a pasta sauce jar, add some paint, and you have a cool piggy bank and a fun activity for the kids!

5. Change The Way You Commute: With rising gas prices, it’s no wonder commuters are looking for new ways to get places! Carpooling is an excellent way to reduce travel time and the cost of gas. Or you can opt for an alternative fuel vehicle. Hybrids can reduce fuel costs by almost half, while an electric vehicle (EV) can reduce fuel use to zero! If you have solar, you can even charge your EV with your solar system and drive in the sunshine!

And last but not least...

6. Go Solar! Going solar in Arizona is an easy and increasingly affordable way to save money and lead a sustainable lifestyle! With the prices of solar in Arizona dropping to an all-time low and compelling incentive programs, the benefits of going solar have never been so obtainable. The abundant and clean energy that a solar energy system produces will help you to live a comfortable lifestyle while dramatically reducing your monthly electric bill.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is happy to help you decide if going solar is right for you. We invite you to request a complimentary solar evaluation from one of our experts today!