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SRP Customer Saves Thousands with Innovative Solar Solution

Shannon Higgins

April 2018

JB Play ButtonWhen SRP customer JB Bassett first started researching solar, it was right around the time SRP was changing over to the controversial E-27 Customer Generation plan for solar customers. With the market mostly confused about SRP’s new demand-based billing, many solar providers simply threw up their hands and left the territory. Like JB, many would-be SRP solar customers were simply told “it’s not possible under this new plan,” and turned away.   

But then he talked to Sun Valley Solar Solutions.

Sun Valley was the one company that said they were working on a solution,” JB stated.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions was the first to break through SRP’s roadblock by deploying a highly-sophisticated hardware/software module that works in partnership with JB's solar panels to dramatically reduce SRP's costly demand fees. Today, our innovative approach has helped hundreds of SRP customers, including JB, turn Arizona’s most abundant natural resource into significant energy savings.

Learn About the Solar Solution for SRP Customers

 “It made sense to make sure you didn’t exceed a certain demand number during the peak times and then really take advantage of the lower rate in the non-peak times,” JB said. “The comfort in the home is the same or better than it was before...

Watch the video below to hear JB's story in his own words: 


If you would like to find out if our solution will work for your home, we invite you to 
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