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3 Ways Shopping Locally Makes a Positive Impact in Your Community

Sabrina Lopez
December 12, 2016
2 min read

Americans are expected to spend more than 650 billion dollars this holiday season! Local First Arizona is asking residents to consider spending those dollars with local businesses, helping to build and strengthen our communities right here in Arizona. According to Kimber Lanning, Founder, and Director of Local First AZ, “By shifting holiday spending towards local businesses and keeping the dollars in our local economy, we take control of our state’s economic future through supporting our fellow neighbors in creating entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs in our local communities.”

Local First Arizona has organized The Buy Local Month Campaign to encourage local shopping locally this holiday season to create more awareness for Arizona-based businesses. Buy Local Month runs November 25th-January 1st, 2017, and highlights local small businesses and their respective holiday promotions. “This campaign is about building an Arizona economy that works for everyone,” continued Lanning. “By keeping our dollars local, we invest in an Arizona where all Arizonians can prosper, and we’re all proud to call home.”

So, what does shopping locally accomplish for our community?

1. Positively impacts your local economy – When you buy locally, a higher percentage of those transacted dollars remains here - up to four times more than when you purchase from a national vendor. This, in turn, spurs growth in local businesses and jobs. In addition, a higher percentage of tax dollars are funneled back into the local community.

2. Decreases the environmental impact – Every year, the United States ships and transports an estimated $2.2 trillion of products from more than 150 countries. Accounting for an annual fuel consumption of 11 billion gallons and accompanying CO2 pollution, shipping products produce approximately 25% of our global C02 emissions. There’s room for improvement. Furthermore, Industrial manufacturing accounts for approximately 50% of pollution in the United States. According to eLocal, it was found that if there were a 10% shift to locally sourced meats/produce, it would result in the annual reduction of 310,000 gallons of fuel as well as reduced CO2 production of 7.3 million lbs. Other analyses even found a positive correlation between a higher concentration of small businesses in a community and a higher population health level. 

3. Builds a closer and stronger community – Buying locally ensures a greater social and economic investment in our local communities by increasing jobs and keeping more money flowing through local economies. Shopping locally also affects strengthening community relationships. Local businesses are more likely to share common interests with you and are therefore more likely to contribute towards local causes and the betterment of your neighborhood.

To learn more about Local First Arizona and its efforts to promote local businesses, visit www.localfirstaz.com, take advantage of one of our 'Buy Local Month' promotions, and request a complimentary evaluation with one of our solar experts today!