Commercial Solar Looking Bright

Sabrina Lopez
May 2, 2018
1 min read

Every year, more and more business are securing their futures with solar. Last year saw another record high of corporate solar users, with 325 MW installed nationwide. Target topped the list for the second year, as Walmart, Costco, and Apple ranked in the top ten. When you go solar, you join the ranks of these successful companies who make smart financial decisions to bolster their bottom line and want to impact the environment positively. 

On a more local level, Sun Valley Solar Solutions installed nearly 17 megawatts of clean solar energy for businesses in 2017, including ten different locations for a major retail giant and installations at Apartments.

We're proud to contribute to this growing commercial solar capacity and to help companies on their mission to unplug from the utility monopoly for a greener future. Take a look at some of our favorite installations and see how solar can help you achieve your business and sustainability goals.