Sun Valley Solar Solutions Powers Marc Community Resources

Sabrina Lopez
June 13, 2015
2 min read


Sun Valley Solar Solutions has partnered with Marc Community Resources to create a sustainable energy solution for the organization’s Mesa headquarters.

Marc_Center_Solar_Image_1Marc Community Resources provides a wide range of services to individuals struggling with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. With over 600 employees serving 9,000 people throughout the Valley annually, the organization’s main Mesa campus serves as the administrative hub for more than 80 satellite locations across the Valley. Marc Community Resources’ new solar energy system from Sun Valley Solar Solutions was installed on two of the three main buildings and commissioned in late April 2015.

The two-part 350kW system incorporates more than 1,000 high-efficiency SunPower solar modules. The modules are installed on new parking shade structures and atop the facility’s Corporate Administrative and Employment Services buildings. The system is anticipated to generate more than 65% of the facility’s energy requirements yearly.

“Our primary motivation for going solar was to reduce operating expenses, including reducing overhead,” explains Marc Community Resources CEO John Moore. “Solar is a major step toward that goal, and we spent nearly seven years researching various options and partnerships to ensure the best possible return on the investment.”

Moore cites the organization’s environmental commitment as another motivation. “We’re very dedicated to helping individuals and improving lives throughout the community through responsible corporate citizenship. It’s one of the reasons our employees are proud to work here. Plus, they now have shaded parking, and that’s been very much appreciated.”

Marc_Center_Solar_Image_2While the project attracted interest from leading solar energy companies across Arizona, the contract was ultimately awarded to Chandler-based Sun Valley Solar Solutions. “Sun Valley Solar was the only team capable of delivering the full package,” explained Mark Tompert, Director of Facilities and Transportation for the facility.  “Sun Valley Solar handled everything from consultation and design to installation and custom fabrication of our new shade structures. They even helped us secure financing and leverage available SRP credits.”

Indeed, no project this sophisticated is without surprises, and Marc Center was no exception. “The city demanded an extended review process, which caused some unexpected delays,” said Tompert, “On top of that, the installation crew discovered an underground water retention system, which could not be disturbed. But great communication throughout the review process made the whole thing much more bearable, and some creative engineering by the SVSS crew solved the water retention issue with minimal delay.”

Ultimately, Tompert and Moore couldn’t be happier with their decision to go solar. 

“We did our research and selected the right partner,” concluded Tompert. “We’re confident that this system will have a positive impact on our business and our community for many years to come.”

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