Becoming a Green Business to Improve Recruitment & Employee Retention

Sabrina Lopez
September 21, 2016
3 min read

It may be a roundabout method of attracting talent. Still, studies have shown that adopting sustainable practices can be vital in attracting and retaining high-quality employees. According to, sustainability in the workplace has been shown to improve employee engagement and productivity. So, while direct financial return on investment (ROI) is typically the most heavily weighed factor in the decision to be sustainable, more studies show that it should not be the sole consideration.

As younger generations enter the workforce, they raise awareness of sustainability issues and lifestyle choices. As a result, more companies are implementing sustainable practices to attract high-quality candidates. Showing concern for the environment and local community can be a source of employee pride. It also implies that the company cares about its employees and helps them connect specific organizational values to their personal values (Network for business sustainability).

How can we make a lasting impression on potential employees?

Establish a visual representation of your company’s commitment to sustainability.

In today’s world of Google and LinkedIn, we make our first impressions on potential candidates before we’ve even had our first interaction. From the instant a candidate searches your company online or visits your facility, they see your values. Installing a solar energy system is an excellent way to make a lasting first impression while saving your business money and demonstrating a commitment to the local environment. In addition, solar support structures can double as shaded parking in hot climates like Arizona, which greatly benefits employees.

Create an interdepartmental effort to encourage collaboration 

Establishing a recycling program is a great way to do this. This allows your employees to take sustainability into their own hands, reducing your company’s consumption while allowing everyone to do their parts.

Engage with and educate your community.

Every effort you make and milestone you meet is an opportunity to reach out to your customers and community. Having your company participate in local Earth Day festivities can help establish a connection with your community that may have been previously overlooked.

Encourage your employees to lead your sustainability initiative 

Nobody knows your company’s daily practices better than your employees, so th, ey can be your most educated advisors to streamline procedures to reduce waste and increase productivity. Form a sustainability committee, encourage your employees to be innovative, and take pride in owning their positions.

How can we account for the effect of employee satisfaction when calculating the ROI of adopting sustainable practices? Every employee wants to feel good about where they work, and those feelings should be factored into overall ROI. According to an article by The Guardian, employees want to feel engaged and empowered. This means that companies that take part in social and environmental stewardship reap the benefit of recruiting more aware and involved employees. Employees who feel inspired by their company are 20% more likely to stay with it. With estimates of replacing a productive member of your team ranging anywhere from 70% to 200% of that employee’s annual salary, that’s a major point to consider. Additionally, many companies forget that employees are your best form of advertisement, meaning employee opinions of your company play a critical role in your public image. That voice can determine a customer’s decision to make you their company of choice.


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