How Can Solar Energy Benefit Your Business in Arizona?

Sabrina Lopez
November 11, 2015
3 min read

Arizona's beautiful weather and plentiful sunshine make it an ideal location for “green” businesses. If you’ve been considering switching to solar energy for your business, now is the time. Here are four ways that solar energy can benefit your business in Arizona.

1. A Reduction in Operating Costs - The price of traditional electricity is high, and the increasing power demand will ensure that these costs will get even higher. Solar energy is a sustainable option that allows businesses to pay just a fraction of their monthly costs while locking in a predictable electric expense for decades.

2. Tax Savings - Investing in solar power will lead to big tax incentives and savings for your business. The IRS currently offers a 30% tax credit to large and small businesses investing in solar power. This incentive is scheduled to expire at the end of 2016, so if you’d like Uncle Sam to pick up nearly 1/3 of your solar purchase, now’s the time to act.

3. A Commitment to the Environment
- Show your customers you care about the environment using solar power. The world’s largest and most successful businesses invest in their solar energy plants to lock in decades of savings while sending a clear message about their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Going green is more than a fad; customers respond to businesses that share their values.

4. Reliability
- Little to no maintenance is involved in the upkeep of modern solar power systems. Today’s solar panels are designed to work at peak efficiency for decades with little to no maintenance. 25-year warranties are now standard. With little more than a routine annual service, a well-designed system will offer decades of reliable electricity – even in inclement weather.

No matter the reason for switching to solar energy, you’ll find the decision will save your business money in the short and long term while making your business more environmentally responsible. Show your customers that you care by investing in this sustainable alternative. 

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