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Solar Carports Can Turbo-Charge Your Solar Investment (Video)

Kyle Ritland

October 2017

Solar shade structures, also commonly referred to as solar carports, are an increasingly popular way to turbo-charge a solar investment. If you have ever considered adding shaded parking for your customers or employees, it’s just a few more steps to add solar panels and transform those shade structures into revenue generating machines for your business.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our good friends at SunPower recently put together this great educational video that explains how solar carports offer long-term energy savings, as well as a host of other compelling options including:

  • Converting parking into a solar energy powerplant
  • Adding EV chargers for employee recruiting and retention
  • Improving security and comfort for customers and employees

Solar Share Structure Image.png

Are you interested in learning more about adding solar and/or solar shade structures to your business? We invite you to contact our award-winning commercial division directly for a free evaluation. 

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