5 Reasons Why Solar is Unlike Any Other Investment

Sabrina Lopez
March 17, 2016
3 min read

There’s little doubt that the outlook for solar energy continues to improve by leaps and bounds every year. Through advancements in performance, pricing and system longevity, solar has earned its place in a rapidly evolving technology landscape changing how people power their lives. Solar has become a firmly established energy option in just a few short years, helping families and businesses worldwide reduce their monthly energy costs while ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Here are just a few reasons why solar is unlike any other investment that you will make:

1. Solar Power is Cost-Efficient: Solar power often costs less than traditional power from a power plant. You will start saving money the moment that solar power is installed. The amount of money you save will depend on several factors, such as the size of your solar energy system and how much power your family typically uses. Your solar installer will work to ensure that your solar energy system is designed specifically for your home and your lifestyle to deliver maximum return.

2. Solar is a Home Improvement that will Make Money! Adding solar is one of the few home improvement projects that can increase the value of your home while generating and putting money back in your pocket at the same time. Over their useful life, solar panels return more than 5x times their cost in electricity savings, often repaying the initial investment within 7 to 10 years. Solar panels will produce power and money for decades with a warrantied life of 25 years and an effective life of 40 - 50. Compare this to a new kitchen that will look fresh only for the first few years and will only return its investment when you sell, so long as the look is still “in style” when you do.

3. Solar Power is Great for the Environment: Solar power is an endless source of energy that doesn't contribute to pollution or use up the earth's limited natural resources in order to generate electricity. Coal-fired power plants produce emissions that contribute to global warming and harm air quality, but generating solar power is completely clean. When you go solar, you know you are doing something great for your community and the whole planet.

4. Solar Energy is an Investment in the Future: Solar energy is a great investment not just for your future but for the future of the environment. Solar power's advanced technology is doing great things for communities and individuals worldwide, including creating jobs and reducing pollution. You can bring a brighter future to your family and the world for many generations with an investment in solar energy.

5. Solar Power is Long-Lasting: Modern solar panels are extremely durable. Most will operate at peak efficiency for 40 years or more, with little more than regular cleaning. This means that your investment in solar power will benefit you and the environment for many years.

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